vVv Gaming is proud to announce our new partner College Carball Association aka CCA. In celebration of this partnership, we are bringing you a College Rocket League Draft on April 29, 2017!!! This will be a 3v3 Captains Draft Tournament, bo3 double elimination bracket. This is an invitation only tournament for Registered Rocket League Collegiate teams. While this means you may not be eligible to participate, you will be able to support and cheer on the collegiate players via our stream at twitch.tv/livevvvgaming.


Draft Format:

If you are an eligible player, a link to the registration page will be provided to you by CCA. During your registration, you will be able to choose if you wish to be a captain or if you would rather be a player that gets picked. Check-in will begin at 7:30 pm EST and end at 7:45 pm EST. To check in, you must join our discord voice check-in channel and wait for further instructions. Shortly after check-ins close, the Captains will be collected and brought into a separate channel and given permissions to text in the #rl-draft channel where we do our A,B,C,C,B,A snake style draft. Upon captains complete drafting players, you will move down to your proper team channel and get to know your teammates while the admins set the bracket up.

About CCA:

The CCA is a place where university students can come together to establish their university team, hang out and practice with other collegiate players, and engage in intercollegiate exhibitions. It all started with three universities and one big idea – make collegiate Rocket League a reality. So that’s exactly what we did. After creating a solid foundation for what collegiate Rocket League should be, we set out to find universities throughout the U.S. and as of now have 24 established universities within the CCA.