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vVv Gaming is proud to announce reforms under new leadership that we are a cross-platform community organization with a competitive edge.

Our Pillars

•    Live vVv, Breathe vVv
One of the underlying messages I keep hearing is that people want to play together. We are here because we're gamers, and playing games together is one of the core elements of vVv. Activities this should include are community game nights in specific titles, streamer viewing parties, and tournament viewing events.

•    Be Social, Be Involved
We believe in everyone gaining essential information from our community on how to play better or ways to improve your game. Get involved with our community game nights, enjoy sessions with our ex-pro gamers giving you tips on how to play game types, and what gun classes you could be using—bringing you entertainment to take your gaming to the next level while having fun.

•    One Team, One Dream
Once upon a time, vVv got people jobs in the games industry. Well, that time is still now, but we can expand the opportunities beyond the games industry. We can support the people who want to hone games industry skills (community management, event coordination, etc.) and also encourage members who want to become streamers, influencers, and content creators. Specifically for Streamers, this is a symbiotic relationship. Streamers represent vVv, vVv Gaming supports streamers (viewers, retweets, etc.), and that system could build some real steam once it gets momentum.

One of the earliest things I heard about vVv Gaming was that it should be a place where playing with the members is fun. We've always kept out or removed, people who didn't fit the culture, and we should continue to do the same now. Part of this is holding each other accountable, and part of it is moderation, but we should maintain that culture of "I could play games with everyone here."

•    Challengers
vVv Gaming's eSports vision, in terms of PRO Teams, will no longer be our focus, due to the sheer cash buy-in required and available capital needed, including from sponsors alike to even step foot into leagues is something we no longer are physically able to continue. 

However, we carry our history for being a previous eSports Pro Team with accomplishments more significant than others with our mass list of honors.

This isn't to say that competitive gaming is entirely out of the question. I am focused on leaving the door ajar for amateur teams to compete online, whether this is on the internet leagues such as Gamebattles, EGL, and other online gaming leagues. Our growing vVv Community members will support you on every step of the way. 

vVv Gaming will no longer be sponsoring teams at this current stage.

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