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vVv Exodus

vVv Gaming Update 02-03-2020

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Good afternoon,


We have been working hard on how to make vVv great, below is a list of upcoming things we are currently working on. I am excited for it all, remember we are basically starting over, so we can't just say hey we're vVv Gaming give us it all! Doesn't work like that, we have to prove ourselves, I intend to do that very thing.




* Vice President of vVv Gaming- I'd like to announce vVv NerdPrblms as the new Vice President of vVv Gaming. She's a hard worker, loves vVv Gaming and is looking forward to the future and all of it's success. Congratulate her!

* Twitter- Our account is going to be active, I mean VERY active. I want all of you that have accounts, to RT important tweets about upcoming tournaments, staff announcements etc. We cannot do this without you!

* Twitch- Channel is being completely overhauled, new graphics etc. Streaming schedule being worked on as well as who streams.

*Stream Manager- vVv Tibiryus has been made the new Stream Manager along with his Head Streamer and Discord Manager roles. Be sure to ask him any questions about streaming and our Discord! If you are specifically interested in joining our Stream team, then make sure to let Tibiryus know.

* YouTube channel-  vVv Latro will be utilizing the streaming aspect of our YouTube channel, goal is obviously to get more views and attention to vVv Gaming on that platform. Also graphics/ channel overhaul in the works. We have weekly top 5 plays of the week, Latro has done an amazing job with this. Please like, share, comment and subscribe. Also, send him those clips, we want you to shine!

* Podcast- We are very excited to announce this!  vVv Tibiryus will tell you all about it, the name etc, this is going to be fun and also we feel it will bring a lot of attention to vVv Gaming, site traffic etc. 

* Merch- We have made an account with a vendor, we are just waiting to be approved to design/sell merch with their company. Right now Hoodies and T-Shirts, white or black. If you want to customize it, obviously that will cost more. vVv Skeensy can make a custom vVv hat for you.  Many of you have seen it. Once we decide on how to pay for the merch, I'll will post in this thread with that info, it will be bolded.

* Online Tournaments- We will do these, we will decide what games, how often, prize pool etc.  100% will happen.

* Sponsorships- We are actively looking for sponsors, I feel this will help vVv Gaming tremendously. When we reach agreements with any sponsor you all will be the first to know. We're starting small and then working our way back up. 

* Mixer- We have a Mixer channel, we want to get it booming as well, this will be overhauled with graphics etc. Stream schedules will be posted once they are set in stone.

* CoD Team- This is going to happen, I want a competitive CoD team out there dominating.  The team is not set in stone yet, once it is you all will know. If anyone is interested, message vVv Skeensy as he is the CoD Division Manager. Teams for other games are not out of the question. That will come with time if we see fit.

* Community Teams- We would like to get the vVv community involved, this is a great way to do so.  To start out you're not a vVv team, if you show us you can stick together, win , and leave the drama at the door then your team can be a vVv community team. This can be for various games, not locked to one specific title.

*Website- I want the website active, you'd be shocked at how many people messaged me and said they found out we were back because of forum posts. Everyone that is signed up and does sign up on the site is emailed with whatever is posted on here.  We are daily cleaning things up, I also want the old SB back, I can't stand the new one. I'll get with LJ on that. 


Thank you,

vVv Exodus



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2 hours ago, vVv Infms805 said:

It’s gonna take time but i know we can get it done. vVv all the way. 

We will brother, all of us have jobs, families etc, sometimes that gets in the way. We’ve got a solid plan now, got some accomplished first year not near as much as I wanted to , year 2 is going to be the year we rise like the Phoenix from the ashes!

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