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Mayhem Application

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  • Name: Ryan


  • Age: 25


  • Location: Australia


  • Steam profile link: N/A


  • Battle.Net Tag: N/A


  • What is the game you are currently most active in and why? (only name one game): H1Z1 at the moment because it the only free to play game with an active community on the PSN.


  • What are some other games that you currently play? Anthem, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint , UFC, Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 , Need For Speed.


  • How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? I have been apart of the vVv family before, I was apart of the first Australian sponsored vVv team back on Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 and was an active member of the vVv family for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 on the Xbox.


  • Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How did you get to know them? I know a lot of different vVv members over the time I was apart of vVv especially the Modern Warfare 3 days which included one of the members I used to play heaps with like B1zkit and including different management personalities like LordJerith and Doomhammer, I do apologise for the ones that remember me but I can't remember the names of them.


  • Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? I am interested in vVv Gaming as it has been a long time since I have not only been apart of the family but apart of a culture, it will be great to get actively involved in the community as I have heaps of spare time now days and watching the community grow over time I believe it is a great time to return back. 


  • What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? Martial Arts which I do in my spare time when I am not working and also being a father. 


  • How do you plan to add value to vVv Gaming? I plan to add value to vVv by bringing back not only a fun personality but also having a clearer mindset and knowledge and experience of the gaming community, I can also help with the different roles that include management and leadership and also providing advice and ideas to help grow the family.


  • Do you attend LAN Events? I attend now and again depending on the LAN Event. 


I would also like to have my username changed back to Mayhem like the good old days.

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Welcome back! Like everybody said, make sure you check out the discord server. Basically the new and improved Shoutbox lol. If you don't mind me asking, was there a particular thing or event that sparked your interest in coming back here? For me it was a "memories" post on Facebook lol.

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