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Destiny 2 vVv Clan and Raids

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We now have a vVv Clan for Destiny 2! Come check it out and get in here!! In honor of this launch we will be doing monthly giveaways for 500 Silver to use in game! We hope to see you there Guardian…. https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=2084155 

Its raiding time!!! As we have recently revamped our clan and now have enough consistent players, raiding is feasible. I would like to start a schedule where we regularly raid eventually weekly for the clan engrams, but to start off we can aim for at least once a month.

Also, the July giveaway is still on and will be drawn at the end of the month for our clan members, but to kick off our first raid, I will be doing a secondary giveaway to those who participate either in this one group or out of all the people who raid on their perspective platforms this weekend with clan members.

First vVv raiding weekend. Below are the dates for this weekend, times, and raids. React to this post with the appropriate emotes and I will tally up the votes Thursday evening and post the decision.


1️⃣= Friday, July 19th

2️⃣= Saturday, July 20th

3️⃣= Sunday, July 21st

Time (open to flexibility just need a round about time to start then we can decide the exact times as we get the team together):

= 7am – 11am EST

🍔= 12pm – 4pm EST

🍕= 5pm – 9pm EST

🍺= 10pm – 2am EST

Raids :

🍆= Levaithan LL min 300

🤡= Levaithan: Eater of Worlds LL min 300

🏰= Levaithan: Spire of Stars LL min 370

🌟= Last Wish LL min 550

📅= Scourge of the Past LL min 640

👑= Crown of Sorrow LL min 740

Giveaway: Just like our monthly clan members giveaway, this kick off raid giveaway will be for 500 Silver to be used in game. The people eligible for this giveaway will be those who participate on the full clan raid OR if you are on a platform that you cannot get a full raiding group of clan members, then you must raid with AT LEAST 1 other clan member.

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On 7/15/2019 at 5:54 PM, vVv Savior said:

I may have to get back into destiny this sounds like fun


On 7/15/2019 at 8:44 PM, vVv Minjaaa said:

Hey you guys should re-teach me everything about destiny. I haven’t played in forever but I’m interested if we have a group thing going on here! :)

Come and playyyy!

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The only real weekend I have to play is this weekend for Gears 5, ill be moving next weekend and all of august ill be living with my brother until my wife and I find a home but if i can get on some week nights i will I heard its definitely better now after activision left so ill come try it out again

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The votes are in!!

Date: Saturday July 20th

Time Slot: Late night around 10p - 2a EST (we can narrow the time down to around this time)

Raid: Levaithan LL 300

Xbox Raiders: @vVv NerdPrblms vVv Skeensyy @Dem0nicM0nk3y @Das_Reich08 vVv Hoagie @Zanardi7182

PC: vVv Arkaine 


If your name is listed, this just means you participated in the votes saying you want to raid. Let me know who all can make it for this date and time. Remember, those who participate to raid this weekend with at least 1 other clan member in your raid group get entered into the raid giveaway of 500 silver to use in game.

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