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Third times the charm?

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This will be my third time coming back to the vVv forum but the last time i was here was back in 2013! It has been far too long to stay away and though i would check the website out and got me missing all the good ol SC2 days! I am looking forward to coming back to see how vVv has grown and where i can grow with it! I currenlty still play SC2, LoL, Total war Three Kingdoms and Elite Dangerous are my main game focuses at the moment.

Steam: Rd_Ambush_7

Blizzard: vVvAmbush#1735

Elite Dangerous: Raikato

League: vVvAmbush

Edited by ShadowAmbush
adding League name

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4 hours ago, Minjaaa said:

Welcome back! There’s quite a few of us returning recently haha. 

Right! good to see people returning though!

3 hours ago, vVv Exodus said:

Welcome back brother!

Thanks! Glad to be here!

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