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Favorite Gears Game

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With the hype from E3 and seeing more of Gears 5, it has led me to reminiscing on past Gears games. Which of all of the series was your favorite release?

Mine will always be the original Gears. 

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Gears one by far, I think it was overall the most captivating to play, the darkness and movement through the night, erie sounds, etc really pulled me into the campaign and really gave me a feel of man vs beast and the end of times

after that they fucking trashed the game visually making everything sunny and rainbows, also lacked the element of surprise in major battles by running major turning points of the game by trying to make the boss battles too fun or easy.   Like seriously battling General RAAM on a moving freight train and having to fight off all the kryll and the challenge behind was fucking awesome, but it was followed up walking through an army of locusts while riding a brumak.  and dropping the hammer of dawn on it, which even on insane mode was a free walk through of a level. Gears 3 was pretty dope.

Gears 4 was cool i took this on as a new game and story seeing as it was a new company, I like how they incorporated the next generation. I felt there was a good character transition and character introduction and story wise everything was alright, I only played through it once so i don't really remember much game play experience. 


Gears 2 before they ruined it.

after that i pretty much progressed with the game i think they did a good job at progressing multiplayer on and after gears 3.  I just want them to have every gears map ever on the next title. 

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