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Good News! 

We are relaunching the ESO Guild on the NA server.  Some things to know if you want to join us:

  • Play nights are Tuesday/Thursday and Saturday
  • Discord Channel has been created
  • Guild will be PvE focused, primarily a raiding guild with raids on Tue/Thursday night
  • Founders are vVv LordJerith, vVv Amped, vVv Doomhammer and vVv RobzGod
  • Even though you should have unlocked the any race/any factions account upgrade, for purposes of being in the same starting zones, we are choosing the FACTION: Ebonheart Pact (we've needed to switch it up from Daggerfall Covenant)

If interested in playing, please let us know here by posting below. We're happy to help you to get into the game.  Below is a great video for new players or for old players looking for a refresh:


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3 hours ago, vVv Minotaur said:

I'm from the U.K., can I play on NA server? if so, how much of an impact will it have on my experience i.e. lag etc. 

Yes, you can. As far as lag,, the base game is like 10EUR.  You can try and it see: https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B0081Q58AW/ref=dp_olp_all_mbc?ie=UTF8&condition=all

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On 6/11/2019 at 7:03 PM, vVv Skeensyy said:

Just snagged Game Pass, this is included.. but I've got so many fires right now lol. 

I'm in the same boat man, I got a lot of stuff I'm trying to work on lol. I might start playing since it is cross platform though..

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