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vVv NerdPrblms

vVv Gaming Update 04/18/2019

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Morning vVv!

Just a few updates this month:

  1. Our logo is getting closer to finalization! We are so thankful for all the feedback we have received and all the efforts that have been put in to help shape our new direction for the logo.
  2. Merch will be available again once we get the new logo completed.
  3. Our streaming/content creators project is underway. All teams have been created/updated were applicable. Key notes - TWITCH: We have 1 official Twitch affiliate (vVv Savior) and a few others who are close to reaching affiliate. MIXER: We have a very small number of streamers on this team. If you know any Mixer streamers who could be beneficial, make sure you are reaching out to them about our amazing community here. DLIVE: We are very close to having our first, not one, but TWO Verified Partners on DLive within the next couple of weeks. (vVv NerdPrblms & vVv Tibiryus) Both have submitted their partner apps! YOUTUBE: Currently I have not received any ACTIVE channels on YouTube for consistent content or streaming. Make sure to show our team members some love to their channels!
  4. Site Upgrades! We are currently in the process of upgrading our website and forum site. As with all recent changes, we are VERY EXCITED to see the new direction we, as a community, are taking.
  5. Lastly, with our main focus being community, make sure you are representing and educating the masses on vVv. People DO NOT have to apply to be apart of our forum community, however, we want to make sure we are consistently bringing new faces and friends to our family here. Once they have settled in, we hope they will then apply. Please do not ever turn people away from our site just because their concern is only competitive eSports.

Have a great rest of the week vVv! If you have any questions, you know the drill....post it below!

- vVv NerdPrblms

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