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Worlds Group Draw Discussion

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Full Riot Post here inculding a video of the group draw:  




Well the results are in!  Groups have been drawn for the 2016 Worlds Tournament.  Here are the groups:


Group A:

Rox Tigers (LCK)
G2 Esports (EU LCS)
Counter Logic Gaming (NA LCS)
Albus Nox Luna (CIS)

Group B:

Flash Wolves (LMS)
SK Telecom T1 (LCK)
Team I May (LPL)
Cloud9 (NA LCS)

Group C:

Edward Gaming (LPL)
AHQ e-Sports Club (LMS)
H2k Gaming (EU LCS)
INTZ e-Sports (CBLoL)

Group D:

Royal Never Give Up (LPL)
Samsung Galaxy (LCK)
Splyce (EU LCS)



So what do you all think of these groups?

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My predictions for each group:

Group A: ROX first, G2 Second

This group has a very obvious first place team.  ROX has looked very strong this split and I don't see them struggling to secure the first place seed out of Group A.  The 2nd place spot is up for grabs though.  I could see both CLG and G2 clinching that spot, and honestly I know nothing about the IWC teams (#darkhorse).  For now, since CLG has struggled in the past few series and G2 has looked strong, I'll give the spot to G2.


Group B: SKT T1 first, Flashwolves second

This group is sort of the group of death in my opinion.  All the teams that made it into this group have been strong this past split.  SKT T1 was among the top teams in Korea, Flash wolves won the LMS, C9 made it to the NA finals and fought their way through the gauntlet, and IMay has been constant in the LPL.  I honestly could see most of these teams doing well (maybe not IMay) in the bracket.  Based on the their play and regions though, I give the predictions that I give.


Group C: EDG first, AHQ second

I don't really have much to say about this group.  I think that the top two teams are at a much higher caliber than the bottom two teams.


Group D: Royal first, TSM second

This group is tough to call for me.  I think that Royal is very much the front runner seeing that the competed well and managed to get the 2nd place seed in a very competitive region.  The 2nd place seed is harder to call.  TSM has been playing very well over the past split and playoffs, however you never know which TSM will show up.  If they want to live up to the hype that they've created they are going to have to be on point to get enough wins to break groups.  Samsung and Splyce are not easy opponents and will be a test for TSM.  For now, I have hope and put TSM in 2nd.

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Group A seems pretty clear with ROX and G2 progressing. I was worried when G2 first got drawn into this group, but after CLG and Albus Nox got pulled it seems that G2 SHOULD make it out of the group. But we all know how MSI went.... G2 are much better than CLG after this split, but it's hard to tell where teams are at until we know how the bootcamps are going.


No first seed wanted SKT in their group and it hurts Flash Wolves, the weakest 1 seed to get SKT in their group. I actually think AHQ are stronger than FW despite how the LMS seeds worked out. I think SKT and C9 get out of this group and Flash Wolves finish in last, behind iMAY.


EDG come in off the back of an undefeated split and should be one of the favorites to win the tournament, I think they win this group easily with AHQ finishing second. INTZ are there for the vacation and H2K, while being a strong team, don't have what it takes to make it out of the group in my opinion.


Group D is the group of death. Samsung were lucky to make worlds but could make waves if their bootcamp goes well. RNG and TSM are the favorites, but SSG and even Splyce can take games off of other teams in this group. I'll say TSM and RNG make it out, but I wouldn't be shocked if SSG qualify over one of them.

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