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The following are house rules for these forums. Depending on the severity of the situation, posts can be deleted following a PM by a moderator or you will be banned from posting. This is at the discretion of the moderator.


  • What we put online stays online, forever. The only exception to this rule is any post with obscene, racist, sexist language that insults, abuses, or is hateful to other members will be deleted and the user will be banned.


  • Feedback is an awesome way to help our community grow. Whether positive or negative, keep feedback constructive, relevant, and polite.


  • Spamming will not be tolerated. This includes advertising other sites, that are not relevant to a thread or discussion will be removed. Anything that is not relevant to a thread or discussion will be removed. This includes advertising or linking to other websites/forums, linking to irrelevant videos or articles, etc. Something that may not be listed here may be deemed inappropriate and therefore removed, Moderators will use their discretion.


  • Threads die just like everything else, so posting on old threads that have seen no recent activity isn’t constructive. Let them die in peace.
    • One example can be commenting on a 2 year old post as if it were posted yesterday. If something new happens that is relevant to the conversation, feel free to create your own post!


  • Bumping threads adds no value to a post. “Bump” or “+1” will not be tolerated.


  • Do not take over a thread. Create a new post instead!
    • Taking over a post can be, but not limited to, changing the subject of the conversation or commenting with something irrelevant to the discussion.


  • TURN YOUR CAPS OFF!! There is no need to have a complete post in caps, nor is it appropriate to shout on forums. :)


  • Linking Reddit posts on to other forums violates Reddit's ToS as it may come across as manipulating votes, no matter the context. In the past we have had issues with this, so to prevent any further problems with our friends at Reddit, DO NOT LINK ANY REDDIT POSTS!! It will be deleted, you will receive a warning via PM, and the second offense results in a ban.

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