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vVv Jackal

CS:GO Introduction

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Hello Everyone!

Some of you may know me and some not. I am vVv Jackal and I will be running CS:GO within vVv.


For those interested in playing Counter-Strike, please contact me over the forum or through our steam group and we will start playing together.  My goal is to help you develop your CS GO skills and also for us to have fun.  I would like to create a community for CS GO within vVv that is free of toxicity and bad attitude.  I would like to help create a place where we can help each other improve through positive feedback.  If you are more interested in being a bit more casual and just having fun, I'm ok with that too, however, my preferred way of playing will be to offer and receive feedback on gameplay.


To be more flexible I have High rank > Mid rank > Low rank accounts so any skill level player can sign up and play with me or any other member in our community.


In the near future, once we get enough people with interest to play, we will be running 5v5 matches against each other and teams will be balanced. More details to come once we build up large enough player database.


Please join the Official vVv Gaming's Steam Group by clicking here.

If you are interested in playing with me, please do add me to your friend list.  My steam account can be found by clicking here:) 

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