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vVv Bagzli

How to Setup Discord and connect to our Server

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Discord Guide

Don't have Discord?
Download here: https://discordapp.com/apps
(Windows, Mac OSX, Linux(coming soon), Apple IOS, Android)

Server address: https://discord.gg/vvv-gaming

Need Help with Microphone Configuration?


To configure your microphone settings, follow these steps:
In the bottom left corner of the Discord window, click "Settings"
In the new menu that pops up, click "Voice". In this window, you want to make sure that the selected Input (microphone) and Output (speakers) devices are not on Default, but instead on the device(s) you use, such as your headset.
To setup the Push To Talk key, click "Input Mode" and change it to "Push To Talk". In the box to the right, click inside of it then choose what you want your Push To Talk button to be. For and example mine is Mouse4. Be aware that this key needs to be held down the entire time you talk so be sure to choose something comfortable!




Tired of Hearing that Beep/Ding Noise all the Time?


You can change quite a few Notification settings if things get annoying. 
In the bottom left of Discord, click "Settings" 
In the new menu that pops up, click "Notifications"
Here you can activate or deactivate sounds associated with specific actions. 
While you're there, you can also enable or disable "Desktop Notifications".






How to See Server Members


Look at the toolbar in the top right of Discord. Clicking the "Members List" will show you things like: 
Who is in the server 
Who is currently online 
Who is a Admin



Hover Your Mouse over Other Icons on the Toolbar for Things Like:


Muting a channel

Pinned messages
Recent mentions


How to send Direct (Private) Messages, View Server Roles, and View Member Profiles:


Once you can see the Server Member List all you have to do is: 

To send a Message: Click on someone's name. At the bottom of the pop up, there's a message bar. It will say something like "Message @PersonsName" click in that box and you can start typing your message.

To see a person's Server Roles: Click on someone's name and under their profile picture you should see "Role" and under that it will show their Roles. This shows what division someone is in, who is an Event Admin, who is a Server Admin, etc.

To see a person's Profile: Click on their name and then click on their picture  



How to Set Up In-Game Overlay


In the bottom left corner of the Discord window, click Settings

In the new menu that pops up, click Overlay
Here you want to click "Enable in-game overlay"
You can also change the Avatar Size that pops up when someone talks
You can also turn Display Names: Always on, Only While Speaking, or Never
You can also choose to Display Users: Always, or Only While Speaking



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