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What every member and applicant should know about vVv Gaming

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What is a vVv Gaming community member?



A community member is someone who voluntarily applies to join vVv Gaming to volunteer their time being a part of our community. A community member might also be referred to as an Aspire team/member. Aspire is a way of referring to our community members who are dedicated to developing the skills necessary to succeed in eSports. Normally community members are not sponsored players and do not earn the benefits that our sponsored players earn. Community members are under no obligation to perform or participate competitively at major LAN events for vVv Gaming but they are allowed to form teams and compete if they choose to do so. The only thing that vVv asks is that you do not misrepresent yourself as a sponsored team. Community members do wear the vVv tag in-game and are therefore expected to represent vVv well. There is no skill requirement to join vVv Gaming as a community or Aspire member, we only ask that you understand our community and culture and have a passion for eSports.



What are the benefits of joining the vVv Gaming community?


As a community, we do more than just offer sponsorships for teams. We believe that fans and those interested in a career in eSports should also have a place to come and participate. We strongly believe in developing the skills of any passionate individual who wants to help eSports grow and succeed. We want to create a place where players can come and interact with their fans and supporters in a more personal way than what is available to most. We also believe those who share a passion for eSports should have a place where they can come and interact in a positive, non-toxic environment. There are many places that offer a large competitive community but vVv stands out in that we groom our members specifically to be the types of gamers that we, and others, want to play with. The result is that we have created the best gaming community in the world.



What is a community/Aspire team?


As a community-based organization, vVv Gaming wants our community members consistentaly interacting with each other to pursue common goals and interests. One of the results of these interactions is often the formation of community or Aspire teams. A community team is a group of community members that come together to form a team to have fun, learn together, and inspire others in the community. An Aspire team is either a group of dedicated amateur- or semi-professional gamers who come together to learn the skills necessary to succeed in the pro scene, or a group of competitive gamers who seek to improve their skill level in a chosen game. Neither type of team is sponsored or receives financial or other benefits from vVv Gaming, they are strictly voluntary and for the benefit of the players.



What does it mean to be "toxic"?


Generally speaking, toxicity is a mindset that is not helpful in progressing toward the shared goals of a group. Toxic individuals can be generally classified into three groups, although it's possible that others exist:


  1. Naysayers: these individuals typically will come up with all kinds of reasons for why something can't be done but offer no alternatives and ultimately contribute little, if anything, to progress toward the group's/organization's goals. An example of a Naysayer might be someone in game who wants to surrender at 20 minutes when the game could still reasonably go either way, but won't expand on what is currently making you lose and how to improve upon it.
  2. Dominators: these individuals have to have it their way or no way at all. An example of a dominator is someone who insists on playing a lane even though another player already locked in a champion of that role.
  3. Hijackers: these individuals will tend to do all kinds of things, but none of them contribute to the goal. An example might be someone who threatens to AFK in game because he didn't get a particular buff or because the jungler/lane partner/other lanes fed. I consider this example toxic because the point of the game is not to play perfectly, but to play to the best of your abilities.

There are other more colloquial examples of toxic players as well, those who belittle their teammates, those who rage in game, those who string out racial slurs and other offensive epithets, etc. As a general rule, I feel common sense prevails here. If in doubt, ask someone on staff if a member is behaving in a toxic way.




What do I do if I encounter a toxic player within the community?


The first thing we would want you to do is ask yourself, "Is this player consistently or deliberately being toxic toward me or another community member?" Often times people can have bad days and end up saying things they didn't mean or end up regretting. Second, if you notice a member's toxicity being a common occurance, or were deeply offended by someone, talk to them privately. We want you to resolve your issues privately since often times bringing things up in public or to other members just creates more drama and witch hunts that aren't productive for either party. We strongly believe that vVv Gaming should be a place people come for positive experiences, not drama and fighting. If, after talking with the individual in private, they are still toxic to you or others, please bring it to the attention of staff, again privately so that we can resolve the situation.



What does it mean to donate?


Donating to vVv Gaming is a completely optional method of adding value to the organization. No one should feel as though they are forced or pressured into donating. If you do decide to donate to vVv, you should consider this donation a gift with no strings attached. While we will honor requests to use money for certain uses that align with our organization's goals, it would be a bad idea to donate $1000 expecting us to sponsor a Hello Kitty team. If in doubt about whether or not you feel your donation would go toward something you support, please contact a staff member before making the donation so that we can discuss the intended use of the donation. Either way, donations go towards things that benefit the community as a whole, whether that be updating our website, creating new designs for vVv Apparel, funding sponsored teams, etc. Donations never go into anyone's personal pocketbooks. 



What is adding value and why should I do it (and why shouldn't I do it)?


Adding value is your way of working with vVv Gaming to follow your passion and contribute to the eSports scene. A lot of people interpret this as doing "work for vVv Gaming", but there are two problems with this mindset:

1. The work people do typically doesn't significantly affect vVv Gaming's bottom line. We aren't having people add value to make us money, we have people add value because this is the type of thing they'd be doing anyway and vVv Gaming can help them pursue their goals and passion. Adding value directly benefits you, the person.
2. As a part of vVv Gaming, it doesn't make sense to refer to vVv in the third person. It's a bit like saying, "Oh man, my body makes me work so hard just to feed it, stupid body, I don't want to take a break to eat food!".

If you aren't passionate about eSports, professional gaming, or making a career for yourself inside of the gaming scene, then you're probably not in the right place. We don't want people who are going to look at adding value as a chore or some requirement to be a member. We want this to be something you'd be doing even if vVv didn't exist. Passion is about having a strong belief about something, and working to support that belief. Live it, own it, love it.




What is activity and why is it important?


Activity is essentially the amount of time you spend interacting with other community members on discord and through our website. We strongly believe that in order to build a strong and tight-knit community, there needs to be a space for everyone to get together and organize. In-game chat channels can end up feeling barren sometimes, and skype can be isolating for newer members, so instead we ask our members to stay active on our voice chat server. This allows all community members and applicants to freely mingle and develop a strong community bond.


Similarly, we believe that staying connected on the website is important for building a strong community. There are a few reasons for this, including applicants which are evaluated and endorsed by existing community members, the shoutbox which bring members from multiple games together to discuss things, and each forum, which we want to see used by our community to provide useful information, begin in-depth conversation or analysis, or news on eSports events for each other. Without the forums and voice chat, the ability to foster community would be much weaker and we'd have a difficult time achieving success as a community.



What do I do if I hear something about vVv Gaming or management that bothers me?


Please come talk to a staff member to directly address your problem in private. In our experience, most problems are caused by poor communication of expectations. Oftentimes listening to and feeding the rumormill just causes petty emotional overreactions and directionless animosity. Come talk to staff and we will explain any situation you are concerned about and listen to your feedback. This doesn't mean that we will necessarily make the types of changes you want if they conflict with our goals and business model, however, we will listen and work with you to find an amenable solution to any problem you have or explain anything you may have questions or concerns about. We want vVv Gaming to be the type of place where constructive feedback, whether negative or positive, is freely shared and accepted with maturity and understanding.



What do I do if staff isn't giving my division/game proper attention?


All vVv staff started out as community members. It's up to the community to step up and fill gaps where upper management may not have the time, resources, or passion to support a particular game. If you are personally unable to lead a division, then find someone who can. Get them to go through the community application process and then bring up that they are interested in assuming a role on staff. Unfortunately, we cannot properly manage games where staff attention is lacking, however, we are willing to work with community members to find a suitable leader who can give those divisions the attention they need. We also will provide the resources needed to learn how to lead, how to manage a community, constructive communication techniques, and other things of that nature, so don't let the fear of not having enough experience hold you back from learning and accomplishing your goals. Just know that it will be the responsibility of the new division manager to properly communicate the needs of the division with staff and work with staff to support the title. This means that upon accepting the position, it is expected that YOU will be the staff representative for that particular title.

Alternatively, if your game is not one of the currently supported titles at vVv Gaming, you can go through the New Title Process found here:



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