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Gears Of War 4 - The Coalition & Division Idea.

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Gears of War 4, we will be introducing two separate balance setups in a single Gears of War title for the first time – Core and Competitive. Core settings are the bread and butter of the game, aimed at providing the balanced but varied experience you know and love whether you play solo or with friends.

 The Competitive category has different settings that have been balanced to take into account the high levels of coordination and skill that come with competitive play, toning down damage and reducing certain factors like Aim Assist to highlight the best from the rest. Modes will fall under Core or Competitive in Matchmaking, but not both. As it stands today, Escalation and Execution are the two modes in Competitive due to their emphasis on team based play at the highest level. In private, players can choose which tuning set they want to play with any mode.

Ryan ClevenIt really started with our Escalation reveal at the Gears eSports Season 2 Finals. Prior to the match, we held a real-time feedback session with the 10 participating pro players to ask what they felt they needed for Gears of War 4 to shine in a professional environment. We tuned weapons with them late into the night, and it provided us a lot of insight into what we need to do to really deliver on a high-end team-based competitive experience. We took what worked from the playtest and refined it further back at the Coalition. We brought a second set of 10 pros up to the studio to try it out, and the response was great. However, we found that what the serious competitive players wanted and what the core Gears players wanted were too different to try to make a single tuning set.
SOURCE - https://gearsofwar.com/en-us/developerblog/2/gears4versus

This is just a small portion of what I read on the Blog, It's clear to anyone that the coalition are trying to push stronger than ever before towards the competitive environment and I believe that vVv Gaming since having previous accomplishments with Gears Of War back in 2008 will know the greater reason why we should support the upcoming game. 

I have spoken with several members and a few applicants which share a great interest in bringing back the Xbox One Division for vVv, I think this game should be our main focus towards introducing the new and upcoming division.  

(Of course PC Division is our main focus right now, but this still needs to be considered)

PS - I noticed this today, so the support is out there!

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Wow I'm a fan of gearsofwar I've played it but not that good at it but when it comes out I will most likely grind till I prefect my skills and being a good player. Bring back the Xbox division for vVv

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