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Alright, so it's pretty apparent that the forum activity has been.......lackluster (sure, I'll be nice) lately.  This needs to change.  So lets here from the League division who is still here.  Let us know!  Post your IGN and what you play!  Add each other in game and lets have a presence on Discord so we can start to rebuild the vVv League division.

Currently I have 2 accounts:

vVv Yui: Gold II

9Line Yui: Plat V

And I main bot lane (either support or adc).

Another important factor will be to start to bring in new people.  If you had a good game with someone or have friends that you play with on a regular basis, bring them in to Discord and hang out!

Thanks all!


Comprehensive List of IGNs:

vVv Yui

9Line Yui

vVv Ballack

Brian Boyle

vVv Eternal

Edited by vVv Yui

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Hi yui, I do not play league myself but I wanted to make a suggestion, which is take everyone who posts here and add their name to your first post.  So anyone looking to add people doesn't need to scroll and search to find names. 

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1 hour ago, Angry Doktor said:

Brian Boyle: Silver III

Fill *_*


.. Kev. 

My Boy Bwill!

vVv Eternal: Gold V

Top and Mid: GP and Lux Two Trick :(

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