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Supersonic Series Finale

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Let us start by saying thank you. Thank you for everyone who has participated since week 1 and everyone who started with us before the Supersonic Series. We have reached and surpassed all of our goals for the Series, and we continue to push ourselves to do and become something better. First we have had over 100 participants in the Draft, then over 200 concurrent viewers on our Twitch channel, and finally over 450 unique players on our leaderboard. This is all because of you, the players, for making this first series truly something amazing.


The past 8 weeks have been exciting. We have seen every player from pro to just downloaded the game a few days ago. We started streaming the matches with commentary to make it all that much more awesome. Now as the first season comes to a close we look forward to the next great event, The Tournament of Champions. Of the over 450 players on our leaderboards we will be inviting the top 24 solo players and the top 8 teams to battle it out one last time to decide who are the best players and teams the Rocket League Community has to offer.


Solo players will be playing on Tuesday January 5, 2015.

Teams will be playing on Thursday January 7, 2015.


If you are in the the Top 24 solo players and Top 8 teams and have not been contacted by an admin, contact vVv Bagzli or vVv Saturn via Steam. The official leaderboard is here: https://goo.gl/DaGcQ8


Solo players will play in one last Draft tournament as they have in previous weeks. The highest rated players will be captains and draft their team from the Top 24 and play in a Best of 3, Double Elimination tournament. Teams will play in a Best of 3, Double Elimination tournament.


All information on rules and procedures can be found here: http://vvv-gaming.com/news/vvv-gaming-presents-supersonic-series/


Information on Season 2 will be posted closer to Month of February.  We shall be taking a break before starting season 2 to collect feedback and improve the signup and registration system.  We are hoping that upon starting the second season we will have a more automated solution to work with.


To watch the event, you can go to http://twitch.tv/livevvvgaming

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