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Razor Tournament Scam

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Hey all,


for those that play CSGO there is a group of scammers going around talking about a razor cup with a 500$ pay out. They have you download a program that is like razor comms but it turns out it just hackes your steam account and gives them access to your stuff. Don't buy into it!  A friend of mine did and he had is account information stolen from him.  He has currently lost a knife , m4, mp7, p250, and AWP skins.  As we were talking about it his account messaged me offering me the same deal into a razor tournament.




I believe that this is a variance off of the scams that were circulating about updating TS a couple of months back.  They have you download a file from them as opposed to going directly to the VOIP's website.





Spread the word if you can!

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