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CSGO Steam IDs [Compiled]

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Anyone is welcome to add their name to this list.  Please post below a link to your Steam if you would like to be added.  I did not add everyone's steam as a lot are not active CS:GO players.


vVv Members

vVv AmpeD: Steam Profile

vVv B4rdo:  Steam Profile

vVv Jackal:  Steam Profile

vVv NaturaL:  Steam Profile

vVv Plague:  Steam Profile

vVv SilverSpoon: Steam Profile

vVv Spike:  Steam Profile

vVv Tipo Bajito:  Steam Profile

Community Members

Kanark:  Steam Profile

soggywaffle25:  Steam Profile

MastaofRangin:  Steam Profile

Newclear Atomic:  Steam Profile

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