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"The Time has come," the Walrus said...(Davie's Resignation)

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So after a bit of me time I have come to the conclusion that I will be hanging up my Vs and resigning from vVv Gaming.


I have been taking quite a lengthy break from League of Legends, which has made it a bit difficult for me to want to keep up with the scene lately (plus I've been immersing myself in an MMO I played years ago and my mentality has always drawn me to focus primarily on one game at a time no matter how many I try to spread myself out to). Furthermore, while I do respect the direction the organization is going in, I feel it's not the path I personally wish to take, and if I can't give 100% of myself to vVv it's not fair to the organization, its members, and myself.


I don't ever want to half-ass something I'm passionate about.


This isn't to say I've disappeared forever! I'll still frequent the forums and chat in the shoutbox when I can, and I'll still hop on the mumble from time to time to talk with all the amazing friends I've met throughout the year I've been a part of vVv--hanging up my Vs doesn't mean I'll lose the friendships I've made. I'm forever grateful for the insight I've gained here, and the opportunity to be exposed to how awesome competitive gaming actually is. So, to all the members here, thank you for giving me that experience <3


And remember...


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