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Season 5 Champion Roster

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Hey everyone! With the new ranked season starting in just a couple of days, I want to know what champions you are planning to dominate the rift with!

Post your top 2 champions for every lane you have been practicing with for solo queue! Let's see who the popular picks are for vVv and what champions we find unique or niche to climb the ladder!

I also linked the soloqueue tier list for patch 5.1 from Nerfplz.com here so you can see how your picks for the start of this season match up with their list!


To make it pretty easy to read use this template to let us know who your champions are:

Top -

Jungle -

Mid - 

ADC - 

Support - 

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Top - Irelia, Vladimir

Jungle - Amumu, Nunu

Mid - Ahri, Lissandra

ADC - Graves, Sivir

Support - Blitzcrank, Annie


There are a few others but I'm pretty confident these are the champs I am going to choose a majority of the time~

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"God Tier": Malph top, Fiddle jungle, Leona support

"Tier 1": Annie mid, Caitlyn ADC, will give Panth top another go for a while

"Tier 2": Pantheon mid, Master Yi jungle, Tristana ADC, Annie support

Alts that I don't plan on playing much but sometimes you get double pick/banned and need a go to:

Support: Janna

Jungle: Vi

Mid: Katarina

ADC: Twitch

Top: Renekton or Panth

On my smurf, if I get gold early in the season I want to try learning some harder champs:

Top: Nasus and Riven

Mid: Ahri

Jungle: Shaco and J4

ADC: Vayne

Support: Thresh

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Sure viva! he's making this list so everyone knows what to ban on adl!


but if I have to pick I would go


Mid - Kata/Ahri

ADC - Jinx/Cait

Jungle - Vi/ Maybe Sion or Pony

Top - Rumble/Darius

Supp - Blitz/Nami

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Top- Jayce and Lissandra

Jungle- J4 and Vi

Mid - Karthus and Ahri

Marksman- Ez and corki

Support- Thresh and everything else....but u know god like thresh hooks

and bullshit Blitz hooks.

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