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Computer setup thread.

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Need I explain.

The desk itself.



The Specs.

  • Motherboard: ASUS V Formula
  • CPU: AMD FX-8350 Vishera 4.6 Overclock
  • RAMCrucial Ballistix
  • Graphics Card: EVGA 670 FTW
  • Hard Drivesx2 1T Drives 7200rpm Western Digital (Raid), OCZ Vertex 128Gb
  • Power Supply: 1200 watts Gold Certified (Shit was expensive)
  • Cooler for CPU: Cooler master 212 evo+ (tempts are between 35c and 55c at load)
  • Case: Antec DF-85
  • MouseGeneric Gigabte Mouse
  • Keyboard: Microsoft Sidewinder x4
  • Headset: Steelseries Siberia v2 (RED)
  • Monitor: Acer 23 inch
  • Monitor 2: Dell 19 inch. (Just a side one for the extra real estate.)
  • Laptop: Acer V3 571G. (Breakdown i5 2450, Nvidia GT 630M, 8GB RAM, 500GIG Hard Drive.

Whats on my desk well a shit load of stuff. LOLs. I have a PS Vita, 3DS, Ipod, S4, laptop, some games, cards, and my rubix cube. Even with all that shit it still is better than my last desk. MILES better. Also cable management is sweet.


Anyway enough of my setup lets see what you guys have to offer pretty interested to be honest.


EDIT: I noticed my water bottle looks like urine.. Its not its a lemonade mix thingy.

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Desk was 110 PC was about 2k at the time including adding new CPU and adding some new aftermarket cooling for my GPU. Also a new power supply the last one was just not working. Last thing I need is some decent speakers. But that is in due time. Also when I feel like it as I dont really have the need to play my music or sound through speakers anyway. 

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This thread makes me sad :( I recently moved and had to get rid of my nice desk :( I still have my awesome computer but I'm on a walmart folding table right now haha. It's usually full of energy drinks, notebooks, and my tears from working 4 hours to find 1 semi-colon in the middle of 50,000 lines of code -,-

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