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Sun Down

Season 2 ADL Official Results!

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Hey Summoners! You guys waited ever so patiently for me and I just want to say thank you so much for everything this season! You guys were awesome through all of the adversity we faced with the servers, the level of competition was most definitely raised and we managed to, most importantly, all improve our gameplay and meet some really cool people! So with all the being said, let's get to the winners shall we???


Congratulations to NomNomRice for his 1st place finish!

NomNomRice was able to gain an astounding 61 total ADL points, good enough for first place the season! Though he spent most of the season towards the higher end of Gold Elo, NomNom was very frequently an early selection in most drafts. Drafting him guaranteed a really strong midlaner, with the capability to not only win his lane, but just outright carry an entire team on his back. His 15 MVP votes were garnered mostly onto his Zed and Orianna, showing his versatility playing control mages and deadly assassins.


Congratulations to LeKrow for being the MVP this season!

Sometimes its really hard to be the last pick. As one of our higher rated captains, Lekrow was often faced with a small pool of teammates to select from. He would usually use his first pick to secure himself his trusted ADC California and then proceed to go super-saiyan to try to pull his team to victory. The strategy definitely paid off, Lekrow was voted MVP in 60% of his games, for a total of 17 out of 28. This stellar gameplay also managed to land him just inside that Top 5 spot for the Triumphant Ryze skin!


Congratulations to Zonal for being the most attended this season!

If you're looking for a definition for commitment, Zonal is your man. Being from the UK makes the time difference hard enough to attend the ADL, but on top of this he was only picked 4 times, due to his lower ranking of Bronze 4. However, that hasn't stopped him from being there almost every single night, ready to play and help his team on the Rift. Hats off to you Zonal and keep grinding man!


Riot RP Prizes Results!

So, Riot gave me 5 slots for each one of the respective categories of 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and 4th. I emailed them through and said that I placed the top 5 in 1st, next 5 in 2nd etc. Here was how they scored the results!



1st Place (3200 RP+ Triumphant Ryze)

NomNomRice ,Canadia, Le Krow, vVv Spike A, vVv JayC

2nd Place (2400 RP)

Shy SluShy, NBOcelot, vVv Storm Forge, King Stig, Pishman

3rd Place (1600 RP)

vVv IgnisFray,Kotazu, Falcodile, Diglett, Solumindra

4th Place (800 RP)

One Lee Army, vVv Ahryse, Dayuuummmm, DrEastwood, Raiva




But wait we're not done yet....

So we still have a copy of Pay Day 2 and Watch_Dogs to give away... We said we would raffle them off to anyone who finished the season over the base 20 ADL points you began with! So, congrats to Oplock for drawing the copy of PayDay2 and RollyPollie for the copy of Watch_Dogs!

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The genuine happiness when you came into the channel and I confirmed it that I heard in your voice is the reason I run events like this :)

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I'm glad I had the chance to help Sun Down with it. Shout out to Plague and Binky for helping also.

You da real MVP. Best formatting NA!

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