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Head Start Trade Pack Guide

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This'll probably be something that's discussed more on the 7th but I wanted to mention it and organize it a bit.


Typically in the alpha to do the Blue Salt quests I'd buy the materials from the auction house, same for trade packs. At launch we'll want to get the 16x16 farm fairly quickly which involves doing the Blue Salt quest line which means trade packs. The auction house will likely be dead and/or overpriced at head-start so we'll need to get our own trade pack supplies.


This all starts at level 10 in Windshade in Lilyut Hills. Also, it's good to hang on to extra trade pack mats in case you die and need to remake it. Mostly applies to packs that require you to go through a PvP area. Other extras can be sold on the Auction House or given to guildies that need them.


Head Start Steps

Step 1. Create a character on the western faction of the Kyrios server.

Step 2. Watch land grab/trade pack guide: Nuian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAhUc2R4B_4  Elf: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NylrZjEtDyg

Step 3. Follow the guide, level to 10, get 15 guilda stars.

Step 4. Place your cottage and small farm somewhere in the guild's housing locations shown in the map below.  (**Note: Locations 1 & 2 are the MOST IDEAL with #2 being the prime location**)




Step 5. Buy 16 grape saplings (sapling vendor) and 7 geese (livestock vendor), plant 8 grape saplings on the first small farm and 7 geese in the middle.

Step 6. Create a second character and get to level 10 again to get another 8x8 small farm. 

Step 7. Plant your second 8x8 small farm with your cottage and other small farm.

Step 9. Plant the remaining 8 grape saplings in the second 8x8.

Step 10. Plant your barley in the middle of the second 8x8. There should be just enough room for 5-6 barley and 8 grape vines.

Step 11. Now your space is reserved! The final trade pack run will give you the 16x16 farm so you can either replace your cottage with it or find a new spot for it. The cottage will be sent to your mail if you replace it.


Trade Pack #1 - No Item

35 Grapes - They take about 4 hours to grow... so you'll want to plant as many as you need grapes.. and it's 3-4 grapes per tree. I'd recommend 16 grape saplings total. I usually get 4 and sometimes 3 so that should be just fine. The two farms have enough room for the saplings.

50 Trimmed Meat - From animals. You can get this from the geese but you'll want to kill them while thriving to get more meat, and getting their down makes them not thriving. You'll need a total of 7 geese for the trade runs, and 2 geese for this run specifically. 5 will be shaved while thriving and 2 will be butchered while thriving.


Trade Pack #2 - Donkey

15 Goose Down - Collect 15 goose down from 5 of the geese on your farm. With two 8x8's you can have your grapes, grain, geese and a little more.

15 Orchard Puree - You get this from fruit (grapes). You'll need 20 grapes to make all the Puree you need. 16 vines should be fine if you want a total of 55 grapes.


Trade Pack #3 - No Item

12 Olives - The olive trees take a really long time to mature and then give a small amount of olives (3-4). It would actually be way faster to go to western Cinderstone Moore where the land is non-volcanic. There's olive trees all over the place. There's also other trees that you can cut down to get valuable logs while searching for the fruited olive trees.

50 Dried Flowers - These can also pretty easily be found in the wild. The Azaleas are the most abundant and give 12 dried flowers per 10 azaleas.This only took me a couple minutes.
Trade Pack #4 - 16x16 Scarecrow Farm (Goal)
50 Medicinal Powder - Mushrooms are where you get the powder. Also found in the wild. I found 20 really quick in two-crowns along the road and under trees in the olive tree area. They can also be grown if you can't find them.
190 Narcissus - This one you will probably have to grow yourself. They only take between 30 minutes and an hour, so if you mass plant them in one 8x8 it won't take very long to get them all. I think it only takes 2-3 harvests. The mushrooms and narcissus can be grown at the same time. Each narcissus plant grants 3-4 flowers, so you'll need between 50 and 65, as necessary.
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You sure about the geese meat? I got 50 trimmed from killing two earlier today - was following this: http://archeagefurniture.com/small-scarecrow-and-donkey-quest-walkthrough-west/

Confirmed you need 2 geese for the meat and 5 for the down for a total of 7 geese which will fit on one 8x8 that has 8 grave vines on it.

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Here is another version of the video that I recorded, it takes quests different from the ones he did and I believe the end result is faster and is also easier to solo as there is very minimal killing.  Unfortunately I do not have the elf side of things, only human.  Besides that, this guide is awesome, thanks for putting it up.


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I am still waiting on a trade run to finish up my last pack.  Can we maybe work something out for the weekend?  Maybe 2 runs per day depending on how bad the queue is killing our players

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Send an in-game mail to either Brink or Horror. These two are pretty good about getting trade runs together. Also if you don't have or are not on mumble then you need to fix that. Mumble is how everything gets done around here.

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