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Amped's Revenant - Tanky Initiator

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Class - Revenant

Role - Tanky Initiator

Gear - Full Plate Armor/ Scepter/ Shield


     This build focuses pretty much solely on instant cast AoE's and AoE disables thus allowing the usage of plate armor as opposed to cloth armor.  This build will become absolutely ridiculously strong simply from the addition of God's Whip but unfortunately the ability will not be available until level 55.  It is a very team focused build, not as bursty from an offensive standpoint as say an arc lightning & meteor type build, but contains solid control and the damage output is still nothing to trifle with.  Below I will outline the reasoning besides my skill and passive choices. 



Freezing Arrow - I take freezing arrow for the combos with my other skill choices as well as because it is stronger than Flamebolt, in my opinion, namely for the slow that it inflicts plus the fact that Mana Stars will be my no cd spam skill.

Insulating Lens - Physical Defense boost as well as an absorption shield, the numbers behind the shield seem sorta kinda low, but with the likes of Primevals and Darkrunners all over, there's nothing wrong with adding a little more physical defense.  This would be my first change if I was to find a better alternative.

Freezing Earth - Instant cast AoE, granted it's only 8 meters, but has a chance to Snare, thus allowing the remaining AoE slows/snares/stuns to have a higher chance of landing in succession.

Frigid Tracks - A buff that you will pre-cast prior to initiating that freezes your footprints.  Wherever you walk, if an enemy touches where your footprints were previously, they will instantly be frozen for a period.  Keeps in touch with the idea of mass CC.

Chain Lightning - An instant cast spell that jumps around targets that are within 5m.  Comboes with Hell Spears from Occultism to increase its damage output.  This is basically a cast on cooldown while syncing with Hell Spears to not only combo for the damage increase but to also ensure that the lightning will jump to multiple targets that were impaled.

Flame Barrier -  Yet another instant cast AoE Wall with a slow attached to it.  Is actually a really nice spell to disengage from fights especially through a chokehold.  Or to drop in front of retreating players/groups for the slow.


Mana Pool Increase - A definite must to take, mana pools without it are rather crap and there aren't any real better choices to take within the entirety of the build than this.

Magic Range Boost - +5m to spells.  This applies to all Sorcery skills, INCLUDING the AoE.  So the 8m Freezing Earth is now 11m.  Absolute must have.

Efficient Sorcery - -15% mana requirements for Sorcery skills.  More help for the mana pool and to keep you up and fighting longer.

Magic Precision - +10% Magic Crit.  This equals more damage, coupled with the crit bonuses from the Occultism passives as well, this is where the bread and butter of the true damage potential of this build starts to shine.




Mana Stars - Your no cooldown, spammable attack.  This is pretty much used entirely as a filler when basically everything else is on cooldown.  

Hell Spears - 6m AoE impale.  Comboes with Chain Lightning.  Pretty much use it in cohesion with the multiple other AoE CC's while prioritizing syncing up with chain lightning's usage.

Summon Crows - Instant cast, AoE damage in a 5m area around your character.  Will combo to inflict poison while enemies are impaled.  A straight up damage cooldown, attempt to combo with Hell Spears as well.

Mana Force - A single target pushback as well as restoring a bit of mana.  Something wailing on you thats eating you alive somehow?  Shove it the hell away from you.

Retribution - Instant cast, not on the global, melee reflect. Initiating into a group of melee AND they decide to attempt to kill you?  Pop this along with your usual AoE rotation, and all of a sudden they kill themselves.  Convenient.

Stillness - 5m AoE interrupt as well as a 3.5 second Silence.  Obviously using plate armor and no witchcraft tree = low magic defense, therefore this handy dandy little spell helps you out when you jump into a group of Magi who would like to destroy you in the 3 hit combos that it would probably take. 

Urgency - Casted buff, pre-cast this of course.  Reduces Occultism skill cooldown by 9 seconds.  This is actually a pretty huge buff to have and keep on, 21 sec cd on Retribution = survive, 21 sec cd on Crows = more damage output 18 sec cd on Hell Spears = more CC upkeep, etc.  Naturally cooldown reduction is a wonderful thing to have.


Reprisal - Upon taking critical damage, your crit rate is increased by 20%.  This will proc multiple times, but will go into a 30 sec internal cd if too many procs go off.  This goes hand in hand with the idea of tanking + damage, take crit damage = crit rate increases = higher damage output.

Macabre Reach - Out and out +20% magic crit.  Combined with Magic Precision from Sorcery = free 30% Magic Crit.  Obviously an absolute must.

Intensified Harm - Essentially the same thing as Reprisal except this stacks on an additional 50% every time you take crit damage.  Therefore, get hit with 1 critical attack, and your magic crit rate is 90%.  Fair.




Vicious Implosion - Pretty much a 10m AoE vortex that pulls enemies towards you.  Goes hand in hand with what the entire build is trying to accomplish which is CC chaining as many people as possible for as long as possible.

Teleportation - Absolutely vital to literally any build that uses Auramancy.  Complete waste of a tree if you don't take this skill, its literally a free blink either in or away.

Shrug It Off - CC Breaker for Stuns and Impales, then grants a 4 sec immunity to both.  The 50% magic reduction is very nice as well, seeing as how plenty of Magic Damage classes are chalk full of stuns and impales.


     I would attempt to give out a general rotation, but as with PvP, there is no rotation here everything is based off of circumstances and different scenarios.  Though some clear-cut things that should be done pre-initiation/fight would be to have Insulating Lens up, Urgency up, and right before initiating cast Frigid Tracks.  And as with everything, attempt to utilize as many combos as possible within fights for the sake of increased damage output as well as chain CC'ing.




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