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Conflict (ex-vVv)

Future Plans and Visions for Diablo III

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Hey all,


With the announcement of patch 2.1.0 for Diablo III (found here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/14569138?utm_content=external-sso&utm_medium=other&utm_source=App), vVv Gaming's Diablo III is in a better situation to implement our vision and start making progress towards what we consider a successful competitive Diablo III Clan should be. 


Our vision for the Diablo III Clan is one in which we have 150 members, the maximum size supported by Diablo III's clan system at the moment, who are competitive and competing on leaderboards. However, this clan will also have a larger community with them, supported by the Diablo III Community System, something I will explain a little more in depth later in this announcement. If you are confused right now, please keep reading and it will be clear. 



The clan system in Diablo III right now is, in fact, quite limited. That being said here is a couple things they do offer:


  • Group Chat
  • Clan Tag
  • Automatic News Sharing of Legendary Items
  • Mini Message Boards (NOT FORUMS)
  • 150 Member Roster Slots


While these are great there are a couple things that would be nice to see that have not been incorporated yet, chief among them some type of clan stash/gold tab (similar to WoW). However, despite the lack of those the clan system does provide a Clan tag for players to display who they represent! Because of this these members should be ones that will be well-known and competitive, as it allows for the most visibility within the Diablo III Community! We believe that this clan should be the 150 members who will best represent vVv Gaming on the Diablo III Ranked Leaderboards.





Communities are essentially the same thing as clans but with a couple key differences:

  • No Clan Tag
  • No Automatic Sharing of Legendary Items
  • Much larger Roster Space compared to clans


Due to these reasons, we believe that the vVv Community should house a majority of our players, especially those who are more casual. This allows people who still want to hang out and be a part of vVv to participate on a larger scale, as well as meet a ton of new people. Also, often times it is the casual players who find new strategies and builds since they aren't taking things as seriously. 



Implementing the Vision

As we move closer to ladders we will be moving forward in implementing our vision in a variety of ways.

First: New Members that are recruited to the clan will be those who are going to be active, potentially competitors on the leaderboards, and by extension, using mumble. It is extremely difficult to compete on a high level without voice communication and even harder to provide value to vVv Gaming by constantly going out on your own.


Second: We will be going through our current members that are in the clan and judging interest in those who are interested in competing on leaderboards and those who will be consistently active. For those who are full vVv Members, but somewhat absent from Diablo III due to other games or personal issues, we will ask if they would be willing to move to the vVv Community, thus freeing up space in the clan for more active players. For those who are not full vVv Members we will be doing the same thing, even if they are active, again to free up space for people who are going to be more competitive and get better visibility in the community.


Third: We will be starting to run timed runs for various parts of the Diablo 3 Gameplay that Blizzard said will impact the leaderboards. This includes things like:

  • 0-70 Runs
  • T1 Rift Runs
  • Group Runs
  • Farming Runs
  • Party Compositions


The times and members running these timed runs will be announced when I get back from vacation at the end of the week.

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WOO!  Excited to get back into D3 again.  Took a break the last month or so in preparation of the patch, as well as a little side project that I've been working on. :-)

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Got a current group of 8+ people playing. 50+ paragon level so far. Doing great. If you see me in mumble, I am usually under wildstar, stop by and lets rift!

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