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{Match Type Idea} Chosen of the Gods

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So I had this idea that can be used either in a tournament type style (KOTH or normal tournaments), or just as a fun mode to face your friends as.


Basically the idea is you start a deck with a class that you have that class specific legendary for:


Warrior: Gromash Hellscream

Shaman: Al'akir the Windlord

Rogue: Edwin VanCleef

Paladin: Tirion Fording 

Hunter: King Krush

Druid: Cenarius

Warlock: Lord Jaraxxus

Mage: Archmage Antonidas

Priest: Prophet Velen


So when you first make your deck you JUST put in the legendary class hero, after that you have the computer finish your deck. Its a fun, random, way to make decks and you can get some pretty fun ones out of this method. Its one I have tried a couple times to hilarious results.

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