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Diablo III Weekly Builds: Week 3

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Week 3 - Berkthigar

Class - Crusader

Build Type: Basic Crusader Build

Special Gear Needed:





A strong starter build for all those looking to get there feet wet in the newest addition to the champion lineup. Though it is a beginner build it holds up well and is only enhanced by specialized gear. Items such as Justinian's Mercy and The Final Witness make this build even more fun and potent. Fire up some Creed and let's get nostalgic for the Hammerdin.



Special Gear Needed:

Sockets.  Finery only works with sockets in your gear. Though not required, any item that can provide lightning damage or Blessed Hammer damage will go a long way. Cooldown reduction can also be rather useful for most crusader builds.





Left click - Justice(Burst):  This wrath generator was picked for several reasons. Being ranged it offers great versatility from pulling mobs to getting the last couple hits on that pesky runner. Burst adds both splash AoE and stun.  Lastly it is amplified by the passive Blunt.


Right click - Blessed Hammer(Thunderstruck):  Your primary source of damage. Blessed Hammer is maximized by grouping enemies in a cluster and putting the hammers down. The Thunderstruck rune helps greatly by creating an arc between you and the point at which you put down your hammers. This is crucial when you are either on the move clearing quickly or having to deal with mob mechanics.


Shield Glare(Divine Verdict) - Both damage enhancement and crowd control. Shield Glare should be used while several hammers are in motion to get the most out of the 20% damage increase. It can be used to interrupt heavy hits and to buy time to evade damage. Given it's relatively short cooldown this ability can and should be used often.


Provoke(Charged Up) - Though Provoke is intended as a taunt, here it is used mostly for the added damage provided by Charged Up. Use this ability as frequently as cool down will allow.  


Laws of Valor(Unstoppable Force) - Passively, the increased attack speed is a great dps booster. Activating with Unstoppable Force lets you go crazy with those hammers like the Cheese Whiz.


Akarat's Champion(Prophet) - No matter the build Akarat's Champion is a must have for any respectable defender of the light. A long cooldown means this should be saved for elite and champ packs. Prophet makes you quite resilient. As your gear improves and the tankiness of this rune becomes less necessary Hasterful is a great alternative.






Fervor - Attack speed and cooldown reduction for using a one-handed weapon. Fervor can't be passed up. Unless of course you find a good two-hander, at which point you would trade this in for Heavenly Strength.


Holy Cause - 10% weapon damage and healing from holy damage. Despite the fact this build uses no holy damage the dps increase of this passive is essential for any build.


Blunt - 20% damage to both your attacks..... DUH!


Finery - Only useful if you have sockets in your gear. ( ...and you so should!) This is the place in the build where you can make changes to suit your needs. Those who just hit 70 may not have the sockets to make this viable. In that case, or if you find wrath to be an issue, I suggest picking up Righteousness instead. If survivability is an issue Wrathful or Vigilant work nicely.



Gameplay Video:

Brief gameplay video simply demonstrating the basics of the build. No Commentary.


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