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Diablo III Weekly Builds: Week 2

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Week 2 - Berkthigar

Class - Monk

Build Name - Deadly Tail Kick of Epiphanies

Special Gear Needed:





This spec works as a jump off point for gearing. Small changes, such as Mantra or rune adjustment, will make it viable long after your early gear is sharded.






Left click -  Deadly Reach:  Constant use to feed Spirit and to get the the third attack procs.

Right click - Lashing Tailkick:  After three primary attacks or spammed for quick burst.

Sweeping Wind - Kept up at all times attacking. (Pro tip:  Between mobs you can punch containers to help maintain the buff at full stacks. This will help keep spirit use at a minimum.)

Dashing Strike - This is both used for movement and to augment damage. Periodically you can use this ability to move large distances, and close gaps between pulls or that pesky treasure runner.  As damage it should be used every few second on your highest hp threat. (Fun fact:  This ability can even be used to span chasms and elevation changes in terrain.)

Mantra of Healing - Passively it is a constant aura of healing for you and all your allies in range. Use of the skill will surround you and allies in a damage absorbing bubble. In conjunction with passives and the strong builder above, spamming the active use will make you and your friends extremely survivable. This ability alone will earn you a spot in most any group.

Epiphany - With the Desert Shroud rune, this ability is both tanky and offensive. Your only ability with a cool down should be used on elite packs or boss fights. It acts as a closer causing you to dash to targets and spirit regen is off the charts. With all those things in place you should have no problem staying tight to any combination of mob affixes and spamming your Lashing Tailkick and/or Mantra.




One With Everything - No this isn't a pizza! A passive that will allow a monk to easily attain a high amount of all resist by stacking a specific elemental type, making it a staple of most monk builds.

Chant of Resonance - This passive facilitates mantra spamming. In conjunction with Mantra of Healing it will make you and your allies all but invincible.

Mythic Rhythm - Every third hit of your left click will make your next spirit spending ability do 40% more damage.  No need to explain why this is good.

Unity - Shines in a group, providing everyone affected by your mantra more damage. For solo play I would suggest trading this ability out for another passive. (ie: Combination Strike)

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