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Conflict (ex-vVv)

Diablo III Co-op Community Game Nights!

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With Reaper of Souls on the horizon, we are pleased to announce the introduction of Diablo III Community Game Nights! The purpose for these nights is to introduce players to the co-operative side of Diablo III and have fun as a community!


These nights will have groups of 2-4 players playing together and making their way through normals or Hardcore mode! Each group will meet at least once a week during the game nights to progress through the campaign and story mode!


As this is brand new to the Diablo III division, we will be improving upon these nights as we progress and, as such, appreciate as much feedback as possible from those of you who do show up and participate with us! This feedback also includes availability for interested members so we can optimize our times to become more accessible to everyone!



When: Wednesdays - 9 PM EST

What: Co-op Runs through Normals or Hardcore Mode

Who: Anyone who wishes to join! - No level restrictions

Where: Mumble!

Misc.: Pumastep will be running all normal Co-Op Runs and ConflictSin will be running all Hardcore Runs.



Leading Member: Pumastep

Battletag: Babit#1796


Pumastep will be in charge of all Normal (or softcore) runs for Co-op Night. The rules he has chosen for these nights are as follows:

  1. Players can not use previously made characters to finish quests
  2. Only gems from the stash and items found in game will be allowed until level 60.
  3. After level 60 players are allowed to play their co-op characters at will.
  4. Crafting and Vendoring is permitted
  5. Players who find non-class related items are encouraged to share with other party members to improve the group as a whole.
  6. Characters created for game nights will not be played outside of game nights. This is so the party can progress as a group and maintain chemistry.
  7. Once the group hits level 60 you are allowed to switch characters and the community game nights will become more of an organized team farming event.


The goals for Softcore Co-op night are as follows:

  1. Play in a Co-operative environment, building a team for late-game farming.
  2. Collect Achievements and gain fast paragon levels
  3. Co-operative farming of highest achievable Torment levels for end-game farming
  4. Progression into Reaper of Souls when it arrives



Leading Member: ConflictSin

Battletag: Darkgalad#1387


The Co-op hardcore runs will be run by ConflictSin. The regulations regarding hardcore Co-op runs are as follows:

  1. Players will not use their stash to get items they may have already looted from previous hardcore characters.
  2. However, gems found previously WILL be allowed
  3. Auction House will not be an issue as it will be disabled before the first game night
  4. Crafting and vendoring will be allowed.
  5. Players who find non-class related items will be encouraged to share with party members in order to improve the group as a whole.
  6. Characters created for game night will be played only on games nights. This will help maintain the Co-op experience and allows the group to better progress as a team. 
  7. Should you die, a new character with the same class will be power-leveled up to two levels below the lowest level party member. This power-leveling will be done at a time outside of game nights. 


The goals for the Hardcore Co-op Nights are as follows: 

  1. Play in a co-operative environment and join in the fun of finding great gear.
  2. Collect achievements for hardcore Co-op mode.
  3. Get to end game Co-operative Hardcore Content
  4. Get ready for Reaper of Souls
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Alright B Easy. As I said in the post we are still trying out the times to see what works best for everyone.

9:00 would be a slightly better start time, I am usually home by about 9:10-9:15.

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Just a reminder that game night is still on for tomorrow at 9pm est. I've had a good amount of rsvpm but lets have a good turnout. :3

Edited by Pumastep

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Can we reset and run through 1 to 60 again at some point?

This is why I miss the ladder system from Diablo 2. It gave people a reason to start from scratch, to climb the ranked ladder. All previous characters could still be played for those that didn't care about the ladder, but I thought it was fun to reset, usually it was twice per year.

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