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Guild Marathon

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Guild Marathon!

We are holding a guild marathon on March 15th at server reset! (7 pm EST/ 4 pm PST).

It's a surprise event, where you will be in groups. It's a first come basis, depending on how many people we get. So, we need at least 8 people, and we will accept up to 16 people.

The hints to what this event is? You get none :) You'll find out day of. Just a hint: It will last about an hour, and the prize is 20g per person in the party. 


In order to sign up, you need to post in this forum with your character names and classes, so I can have your name ready for parties to make it as even as possible. Level 80s are required.


Participants so far: 

Azuallana - Thief
David the Pistolwraith - Thief
Alki Boken - Guardian
Bleu Nymph - Mesmer
Lothar - Mes, Thief, or Ele
Perwild - Ele or Warrior
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