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ScreenShot Contest!

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~~~vVv Screen Shot Contest~~~




Rules are pretty simple.  All you need to do is go out into the World of Tyria (or beyond) and try to find a fantastic and unique screen shot that you believe everyone will enjoy.  Prizes will be given out to the Funniest Screen Shot, as well as the most Epic Screen Shot.  The winners of both categories will be decided by a poll, so please be honest when you vote!  Voting will be open to everyone who sees the forum, which includes vVv members/applicants from all Divisions.  The submittable period for entries will start as of now, 2/7/2014 and be open until Midnight (Eastern) 2/14/2014.  A maximum of 2 screen shots is allowed per person, allowing every1 at a chance at either prize category.  To submit a screen shot: you can PM myself (vVv_Shafe) your screen shot along with your IGN through the vVv-gaming.com website, email it to me at nldarab@hotmail.com, again along with your IGN, or post in the forum below.  At the end of the submittable time period I will gather all the screen shots into an easy to browse gallery, so everyone can get a good look at all the entries!  Voting will begin 2/16/2014 and last 3 days, to allow applicable time for everyone to get a chance to vote.  After all votes have been cast a winner shall be crowned!  Can't wait to see what everyone brings to the table.


Screen shots can be in any size, quality, color, whatever you would like, however I would like to ask that you do not add photoshop or alter the photos in any way (Other than covering up chat if you don't want that shown). The following subjects are also frowned upon for entry, so please use your discretion and judgement when submitting a Screen shot.  Remember anyone can see these!

  • Sexual content or references
  • Anything disparaging to a group of people in the real world
  • Smoking / drug use
  • Suicide
  • Areas that are off-limits or only accessible by means of an exploit


So in summary:

  1. Submit from 2/7/2014 - Midnight EST 2/14/2014
  2. Vote from 2/16/2014 - Midnight EST 2/19/2014
  3. Maximum TWO Screen shots per entry applicant
  4. 2 Winners, One for Funniest, One for Most Epic - Prizes will be given!
  6. Have Fun!
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