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Hardcore Dungeoning!

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You know I'm interested Jose! 

Experience - Rather shitty, youll have to hold my hand for a little bit but I'm a fast learner!

Availability - I'm on / can be on / will be on every night for a few hours, typically after 6 PM Central and until the wee hours of the morning.

Mumble - YES

Gear - Full exotic Rabid, and working on my Zerker set for fights where condi dmg doesn't do that well.

Class - Engineer, master class, duh

IGN - vVv Shafe - Shafe.9381

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You already know I'm up for some dungeon runs. Only thing I ask is that if someone plays as a warrior, please bring utility for the team not just yourself (Signets).


  • Account name Turrlo.5324
  • Experience with Dungeons I've done all the dungeons other than Arah, I am quite experienced.
  • Availability Depends on work always available after 11:00 PM Central Time
  • Your Mumble status Active, Listen/talk
  • Class Warrior[lvl. 80], Guardian[Lvl. 80], Theif[Lvl. 80], Mesmer[Lvl. 80]
  • Gear / Spec Type Soldiers, Knights, and berserkers
Edited by Nick.Turrlo

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  • Account name ____oudo
  • Experience with Dungeons ____DM!
  • Availability ____ Depends on my mood, usually weekend nights
  • Your Mumble status ____Listen
  • Class ____Mesmer/Thief
  • Gear / Spec Type ____ Zerker mesmer, knight thief

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  • Account name Dr Phildobaggins.8045
  • Experience with Dungeons  New to Dungeons (exc. Ac & CoF)
  • Availability    Depends on Work  EST
  • Your Mumble status Both and On often 
  • Class Lvl 80 Necromancer
  • Gear / Spec Type  Full exotic Carrion, Vampric/Condition 

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Hardcore, eh?  Not really hardcore unless you do it right.  Set up strong group compositions tailored for efficiency, like you're doing speed runs.  Even if you don't make any records, doing dungeons faster means more dungeons cleared, which means more money.  Have everyone run full Berserker's, spec for maximum DPS, use utilities that benefit the group, use consumables, and everyone learn and PRACTICE how to stack Might before bosses.


I'll even help you coordinate and figure out what you need.  I came from a hardcore raiding background from WoW, among the top 17 in the world in terms of progression.  I know efficiency and I do my research.  I'll help you out even if I can't come along (my schedule is pretty limited lately).



Experience: Cleared all dungeon paths other than Arah; knows most dungeons very well

Availability: Most days after 6 PST

Mumble: Able

Classes: Guardian (also Mesmer soon)

Gear: Full exotic Berserker gear and weapons, full ascended trinkets

Spec: Max DPS. Able to re-spec to Support/DPS if necessary

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Full berserker is not always the best, going full DPS is not always the best. Esp with the upcoming changes. It will not be "Stack here and kill this boss" we will have to actually play, fight, dodge, and sometimes reset the boss.


Raiding in WoW is different. these are two different games. 

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What upcoming changes? You mean the Ferocity change? Full Berserk will still be the highest damage setup. Nothing is changing about dungeon gameplay.

Berserker gear is still the way to go, as it allows you to deal the highest damage possible. Gearing defensively hinders your damage stats. Nothing in this game cant be countered with simply playing well; ie: dodging, kiting, and timing blocks/reflects. No need to go PVT unless youre still learning.

I never said anything about stacking, so I dont know what youre assuming about me. My WoW experience is only to provide background on myself, by showing that I do play competitively by learning to play with efficiency.

So, tell me again how max DPS isnt best for DUNGEON FARMING. Do you still find dungeon content to be challenging? Before you bring up the Dead DPS = 0 DPS thing again, im well aware on how to survive wearing Berseker gear.

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  • Account name TaruHunter.5198
  • Experience with Dungeons I have run all dungeon paths multiple times except for Arah 4.
  • Availability I am available Monday after 7PM EST, Wednesday and Friday after 4PM EST, Saturday and Sunday I can be free all day until the middle of March then I will only be free Saturdays.
  • Your Mumble status I can both speak and listen on Mumble
  • Class Ranger
  • Gear / Spec Type

    I will post my gear if you really want, but I'm running mostly Bezerker gear with a single Knights and a single Valkyrie all with Superior Runes of the Ranger. I have all ascended trinkets all but one is power, precision, crit stats and that one is power, toughness, vitality.

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So I have decided to start asking for people with the following.

I want a comp that consists of:

  1. 2-3 Warriors
  2. 1 Guardian
  3. 1-2 Fill Any profession Elementalist, Thief, Ranger, Mesmer, Engineer, and Necromancer
  • Why so many Warriors? because the damage and support they bring.
  • Why a mandatory Guardian? because the buffs and boons they bring.
  • Why I consider those professions "Fill"? Simple depending on how the team comp goes with who can play what will depend on what professions I need.

What type of build:

  • Sorry to break it to all of y'all but we need ZERK
  • Why ZERK because doing the most amount of damage is very important in speed runs.
  • So how do we stay alive Jose? Well that is the Guardians job. The Guardian is a huge part of keeping the team alive. Not really the heals but the boons they give protection, ageis, reflect, ect... Honestly the Guardian will have the hardest job of them all. So looking for a good and confidant Guardian.

How many people I am looking for:

  • 6-7
  • I chose this because some people might not be available during that specific time of dungeon runs so we need a backup.
Edited by vVv JosePepowner

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  • Account name Burger.8351
  • Experience with Dungeons Dungeon Master
  • Availability whenever
  • Your Mumble status Mumbles on mumble
  • Class Guardian
  • Gear / Spec Type Berserker everything exotic armor ascended weapons and trinkets

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