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Clockwork Dynamic Event - New World Tips

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vVv_Shafe - The Origins of Madness Tutorial

Special Shout Out to vVv_Josepepowner and RainSpell for helping with screen shots and proofreading!  Really appreciate it  =]

As a disclaimer these are mostly my opinions / observations so If anything I put in this post is wrong, or misleading I apologize in advance,  Furthermore if you know anything I don't please share and we can all benefit from it.   


First thing I'll cover is the Cypher's (commonly called Keys), their functions, how you acquire them, where you use them and for what purpose. There are 5 different types of Cypher pieces you will be collecting while doing the dynamic event.  There are 5 different Fragment types; Molten Code Fragments, Watchwork Code Fragments, Toxic Code Fragments, Aetherblade Code Fragments and Scarlet's lockbox fragments, and with each Fragment type you need to collect 25 Fragments to make a Cypher.  Once you have created a Cypher, you can take it to Scarlets secret hideout (The location and directions to get to it are covered further down in the post), and open up a Chest, which will give you 1 of 5 different Journals.  Once you have collected all 5 Journals you can combine them to make a completed book, which will give you an access code that is used on a terminal also inside the hideout.  All 5 chests when you open them contain a sizeable amount of loot along with some Scarlet's Lockbox fragments, which are the only type of fragment not commonly obtained from doing the Dynamic World event.  You acquire a good amount of Watchwork, Toxic, Molten and Aetherblade fragments from looting mobs killed in the dynamic event, plus upon completing or failing the event you are given a bag which you may turn into 5 of any the 4 previously mentioned fragments.  As mentioned above the only way to really get a good amount of Scarlet fragments is to open up the Watchwork / Aetherblade / Molten / Toxic chests in Scarlets hideout, as they do not drop very often while doing the world event, and you cannot use your bag of fragment pieces to obtain them.




Scarlets hideout is located underneath the Durmond Priory, behind a false wall, in the back of a cave, guarded by a champion Ice worm.  That being said it is not that difficult to get to, since the entrance to the cave is not hidden too well, and you can basically walk by all the mobs in the cave itself.  The location of the entrance is just south of the Durmond Priory Waypoint, West of the Vista, where the snow makes a small hook on your map.  It is also by the Posternus Caverns if you have that POI located on your map. The false wall is at the far north back wall of the cave, and is rather obvious, so finding it did not prove to be much of an issue.  To gain entrance to Scarlets Hideout you need to first collect 50 Power Core Fragments , which are obtained as random drops while killing stuff in the world event (rarely may I add) or by destorying the Energy Probes that pop up in certain locations across all of Tyria, and looting the destroyed pillar. You get 10 Power Core Fragments for Free when you "Discover the hideout" (walk past the false wall basically).





-------------------  The Marionette world event  -------------------


This is held in Lonar's Pass, east of the new False River Waypoint.  It is a simple event when it boils down to it's basics, however it requires a large amount of people and a huge amount of coordination.  Your main objective is to prevent Scarlet from charging her Aetherbeam Cannon, the progress of which can be shown on your quest tracker in the upper right hand corner of your screen.  She charges this Cannon whenever a minion enters a Portal located at the end of "lanes" the likes of which you are required to defend.  Think of it as a mini - tower defense game. The event is broken up into 5 different lanes.  The lanes are numbered starting from the bottom and working their way clockwise, 1-2-3-4-5.  gw001.jpg


The reason behind starting lane 1 at the bottom rather than the top is due to the phasing of the Event as a whole.  Ideally since you can have a maximum of I believe 125 people on a given map, you want 25 people in each lane, to spread out the forces evenly.  Each lane comes with its own set of defenses to help you against Scarlets hordes of minions, such as siege equipment, barricades, and npc's.  There are also Repair kits located at the entrances and backs of each lane, to repair damaged barricades and such, which I highly suggest you take full advantage of, because without properly utilizing the tools given to you for your lane it will become incredibly difficult to keep the hordes of minions at bay.  More will be discussed later in the post while talking about the phases.


Each lane will have 2 phases, An Attack Phase and a Defense Phase.  80% of the time Your lane will be in the Defense Phase, while 20% of the time it will be attacking the boss.  Starting with Lane 1 (The southernmost lane) the Portal which you are protecting will turn green, at which point everyone in your lane should enter the portal and begin what I like to call the Attack Phase.  Lanes 2-5 in the meantime will have 5 Waves of minions spawn which will attempt to run past everything and get to their respective portals, to charge up the Cannon (remember when the Cannon reaches full charge you lose!).  After a few minutes the cycle will restart and the next lane will shift phases, so Lanes 1-3-4-5 will be on the defensive and lane 2 will be on the offensive, and so on and so forth until you either kill the big ass robot or it kills you. *Note* Whenever your lane is in Attack Phase minions will no longer spawn at the end, thus no1 needs to stay behind to defend.  Everyone in the lane should book it to the portal ASAP.


Attack Phase - Upon entering the portal you will be randomly thrown onto one of five different small platforms with a few other people who also walked through the portal.  Depending on what stage you are on in the encounter, a champion will spawn and it is your job to kill it.  There are 5 stages in total, and each stage has a different champion that will spawn. Stages are determined by the number of chains that have been destroyed so far, so if 0 chains have been broken then the event is still in phase 1.  If 2 chains have been broken then the event will be on stage 3 and so on.  The objective of each stage is to vanquish the enemy champion and destroy a Power Converter.


Once all 5 platforms have destroyed their Power Converter, the chain is destroyed.  Once you break all 5 chains you win! If you fail to destroy the champions and the power conduits in the allotted time, Scarlet gains a massive boost to her Cannon charge.  From what I can tell you can fail a maximum of 5 times, assuming minions aren't leaked from any lanes in the Defense Phase. Successfully destroying a chain progresses the stages, and changes the encounter around. Entering these Portals will also give you a debuff called Energy Field Sickness, which will prevent you from entering another portal for a few minutes, meaning you can't just run from lane to lane getting in on the Attack Phase every time. 


Stage 1 - The easiest stage and I've rarely seen it fail, involves a wasp who summons other little annoying wasps, and a relatively weak attack.  The catch to this champion is it takes no damage from the front, and thus you need to stay behind it at all times to deal damage. The health pool on this champion seems rather low so it's not much to worry about.  While you are killing the wasp Scarlet is going to use a stomping "Heel" attack which will be shown by large telegraphs on your platform.  Just roll out of the way, not much to this one.






Stage 2 - The champion on this stage is not particularly hard, however I see many people fail miserably at it.  The champion that spawns has a spinning attack which will knock you down and drops bombs periodically over the platform.  To add to that, it takes no damage while its spin attack is engaged.  To stop it from spinning all you have to do is kite it into the bombs it drops, which will grant you 3-4 seconds of dps time. The easiest way I found to accomplish this is if the champion is aggroed onto you run away for a second, then dodge roll straight, twice if you need to, to make it go back the way it came thus getting it to run into a bomb it just dropped.  Many times however some1 will grab aggro and aimlessly run around avoiding the bombs, but not allowing the champion to get stunned.  While this is going on the Marionette will be attempting to hit you with a High Kick, which is a large bar telegraph that is rather easy to dodge.






Stage 3 - I've seen this stage end a few attempts singlehandedly so It is not to be taken lightly.  It involves killing a large clockwork robot/giant who deals damage in a large powerful splash attack and knocks people down.  The giant also drops little bombs periodically which deal damage if you run into them, or are too close, so do your best to avoid them.  Also while this is going on the scarlet marionette will be trying to hit you with a Lightning attack.  This Lightning attack puts several little telegraphs all over the platform which do a considerable amount of damage.  The problem comes from the knockdown / grenade combo which can almost 1 shot anyone.  Try your best to avoid getting knocked down by the giant to survive.








Stage 4 - The Clockwork Warden.  This Champion is not terribly difficult, and doesn't have all that much hp, and he makes things slightly easier by standing still in the middle of the platform for you! (Yay!) He has 2 basic attacks, a frontal cone that is really easy to dodge because it's rather small, and an AoE Black Hole-like telegraph he puts on either the inner circle, or outer circle of your platform.  All in all just dodge the telegraphs on the ground and this guy is cake. Unfortunately the Marionette steps her game up and uses this incredibly annoying and platform covering sweeping sword attack, that without a well timed dodge roll, will smack the piss outta you for a good amount of damage.  TLDR: this lane is about dodging telegraphs that are depicted on the ground.  If you can do that it is a very simple stage.






Stage 5 - This champion is not incredibly difficult, however every time it dies it splits itself.  Think Slimes from minecraft.  Upon killing it for the first time it will split into 2 smaller versions, then those two each become 2 and when THOSE die they become too. By the end of the fight there are a ton of little marionettes running around. The champion itself doesn't hit incredibly hard, but if there is 6-7 of them running around it can be very very difficult.  The best idea here is to get it to split into two, then focus on killing one, then its 4 it splits into, then move onto the other one and subsequently the 4 it splits into, rather than popping both at the same time and ending up with 8 little guys running around.  The real challenge in this phase comes from the scream attack the marionette does which adds a bunch of little circle telegraphs allll over which deal a considerable amount of damage.  I believe stacking around the edge of the platform may be a good idea for this fight, as fast AoE burst seems to the be a safe strat, however I haven't had enough opportunities to test it out.  If anyone knows a solid strat for killing these Please leave a comment below =D. It's a doable phase as I've been in it twice, Just getting all 5 platforms to successfully kill the champion can be tough.








Defense Phase - A majority of your time will be spent defending the portals from the oncoming hordes of Scarlet's minions.  Depending on your lane you will have a multitude of different resources available to help you fight the baddies.  Some lanes have siege equipment (I know 1 and 4 have some) while others utilize barriers.  It is INCREDIBLY important to keep those things in tip top shape with the repair kits located at the front and back of the lane (you only get 5 per lane!).  There are a wide variety of minions that will spawn, which I believe may be different for each lane, however I have yet to confirm this.  The biggest problem you are going to have is with the Champion mobs that will spawn, notedly the Giant Clockwork Creepy Spider-man Bots and the grenadiers.  These two types of champion mobs fall into two separate categories, which we shall call Rush Mobs and Mongol Mobs.


Rush Mobs - These are the mobs that spawn at the far outside end of the lane in a set of 5 waves.  Each wave will consist of a few smaller mobs who are easily cleaned up by AoE, and will have the Giant Clockwork Creepy Spider-man Bots, increasing in the number of both as the waves progress.  I'm not sure on the exact number for each wave, or if its the same for every lane, however it's not that difficult to deal with as long as you utilize the tools given to you in your lane.  All these Rush Mobs are going to attempt to waltz right on by you trying to get to the portal at the end of your lane and once they reach that portal they will charge the cannon up by a small amount.  If you let the barricades and such die it can be frustratingly hard to kill the Giant Spider bots as they seem to sprint past you with unnatural speed however if all your equipment is well taken care of you have ample time to dispose of them.  60-75% of the people in your lane should focus on killing the Rush Mobs as they do take some coordination and effort to bring down. *Credit Rain Spell* - The Spider Bots can be affected by Immobilize abilities until they lose 50% of their hp.  At that point they become pretty much immune all additional slows / cc abilities, however the ones they had stacked on them before ride their duration out.  The strategy there being, try to refresh all immobilize stacks riiiight before the drop to 50%, thus slowing them for the longest time possible.




Mongol Mobs - These mobs spawn all over your lane, in many different locations, and are host to a wide variety of enemy ranging from toxic knights, to puny weak ass dredge, to flaming char with grenades and mortars.  These spawn points extend passed the spawns of the Rush Mobs, up to the portal you are protecting, but fear not for they have no interest in going in the portal and charging up the Cannon. Their job is to destroy your barricades / siege, and to make your life a living hell while you try to defend the portal.  Most of the Mongol Mobs that spawn are nothing more than elites / veterans who die relatively easily, however there are Champion Grenadier mobs who will spawn up on the sides, typically with a large Mortar, and they require a bit more coordination to bring down.  It is important to take out these Grenadiers as well, as they will do a very large amount of damage to all the tools that you have been provided in your lane, so I find that using the Targeting function within the game (Ctrl + T) helps out a bit.


This forum post will be an ongoing thing as I learn more and more about this Dynamic World event that has just made landfall, and will hopefully include a little bit about the jungle worm soon.  If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below, or hop in mumble as I'm there at all times I'm at my computer. 


P.S. For completing 11/14 achievements you unlock a "Sprocket Generator" Which can be used to mine Sprockets, once a day.  It's a neat little device that will show up in your "Home Instance".  You can use the Watchwork Sprockets for a bunch of different stuff but I won't cover that here.

Pic for those who are interested.



<3 Shafe

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So every time I enter Scarlet's secret lab, I need 50 power cores, yes? So ideally, I have all the keys I need before even trying, otherwise, it'd be sort of a waste.

Also, I noticed this living world event doesn't have a timer in the achievement tab. Does that mean it's not timed? How long do those living world events usually last? I'm new to this, I just started playing a month ago. >.<

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So every time I enter Scarlet's secret lab, I need 50 power cores, yes? So ideally, I have all the keys I need before even trying, otherwise, it'd be sort of a waste.

Also, I noticed this living world event doesn't have a timer in the achievement tab. Does that mean it's not timed? How long do those living world events usually last? I'm new to this, I just started playing a month ago. >.<

No after you get the one power cores and combine them and finally use it on the door. You get a "enchant" that lets you enter the lair when ever you want. You only need to make the power key thing once after that you can re enter the lair on that toon as many times as you wish. 

And on the second part of ur comment this event I believe will last 1 month. Most events like this usually do. As for the worm event that is a more permanent event its a world boss kinda like the other ones in Tyria.

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