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Guild Wars 2 PvP Team Update: 2014 & Moving Forward

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Greetings vVv'ers!


I am here to present you with an update from the vVv Guild Wars 2 PvP team. Throughout this post I will talk about our adventures from November to now and our plans with moving forward in 2014.


I last checked in on the forums just before the Guild Wars 2 Apples & Axes tournament. In the AAA tournament we won 2-0 against TDM Gaming in the first round, while later losing to Disney Channel in the next round 2-1. After the AAA tournament we continued practicing for the final tournament of the year: The Good Fights Invitational.


The Good Fights Invitational was going to showcase the top 16 teams world-wide before the tournament was postponed until January 25th due to technical difficulties. Since then we have taken some time off for the holidays and waited until our breaks were over to resume practice for The Good Fights Invitational and the vVv Gaming Kings of the Mists tournaments. The Good Fights Invitational has now been reduced to a pool size of 9 with a play-in match for the final spot in the 8-team tournament featuring the top 8 teams world-wide.


However, that's not all. Tune in on February 1st for the vVv Gaming Kings of the Mists tournaments which is planning to feature an open bracket with 16 teams for a major prize, thanks to Steelseries and ArenaNet.


As for our future with Guild Wars 2, we will be discussing this as a team after the vVv Gaming tournament. Our current plans as of now are to stick with the game as are still fresh tournaments coming out every month. We will keep you updated on this as we continue to get closer to the upcoming tournaments.


Be sure to support us on January 25th for The Good Fights Invitational and on February 1st for the vVv Gaming Kings of the Mists!


- Storm

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