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SteelSeries Heat Orange Bundle Review by Bagzli

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Steelseries Sensei Raw - Heat Orange Gaming Laser Mouse




On first glance this mouse seems like any other mouse you would buy at the local store, however if you take a better look, you notice its superiority in the world of gaming mice.  The Sensei Raw has a very standard mouse shape with 2 buttons on each side.  In addition it has a sensitivity switch (DPI) button behind the scroll wheel.  The size of the mouse is about the size of a standard mouse, partially why it's looks are deceiving on the first glance.  The cord on the mouse is double braided which means it has improved durability and it is also tangle free!




As I already mentioned, the mouse comes with five additional buttons.  The two buttons on the left side are well positioned and are easy to reach.  What really surprised is me is that they are positioned so well that I can hold on the mouse on the side and never accidentally press them while playing games.  The two buttons on the right side have just as good positioning for I've never hit those on accident either.  The best part about it is that even during the heated moments of gaming, I still don't hit them!  So when it comes to its size and button positioning, Steelseries has done a great job of keeping it simple and effective!  Last button I wish to mention is its DPI button at the top, behind the scroll wheel.  I find the button to be great for shooting games; when I am aiming that sniper at a player and i wish to lower my mouse sensitivity so I can make a more accurate shot, I simply click the mouse DPI button.  It lowers sensitivity of the mouse down to what I have pre-set it at, then all I have to do is aim and fire!  Once I make my shot, I click the button again to return the sensitivity to its norm.




The mouse has a total of 8 buttons and each one of them are programmable by the software that can be downloaded from the Steelseries website.  Being overly enthusiastic about getting the mouse, I didn't bother downloading anything; I simply plugged it in and started using it.  After plugging in, the windows driver detector found the required drivers, installed them and ten seconds later I was using the mouse with my favorite game.  After playing with the mouse for some time, I decided to download the required software and reprogram some of the buttons.  The download was quick, the installation was fast and the setup up was very straight forward.




A good software solution, in my opinion, are the ones where you can intuitively learn to use the application by its good design.  Upon launching the Steelseries Engine, I have noticed that it has already selected my mouse.  On the left I can see all my profiles and on the right I can see my actions.  There are many actions pre-created for me so all I had to do was drag which action I wanted onto the button I desired.  If I wanted to create a new action, all I had to do was click the New Action key!  I found the software to be very easy to learn to use, I never once looked at a guide and I accomplished everything I wanted within 10 minutes of the software launching.




The last thing I want to mention about the mouse is how well it slides, up until I got this mouse it was hard for me to combine a mouse with a good gaming surface.  Luckily for me I found out that this mouse not only slides well on my standard mouse surface, but even on the wooden computer desk that I have! For its low price and high performance, this mouse is definitely worth a buy!



Steelseries QcK - Heat Orange Gaming Mousepad
The Steelseries Qck heat orange mouse pad comes in matching color with the glow of the Sensei Raw mouse and Siberia V2 headset.  The size of the mouse pad is 320 x 270 mm.  The mouse pad has a non-slip rubber which prevents the mouse pad from moving around while sliding my Sensei Raw mouse across it.  I haven't had the mousepad move an inch since I placed it on my desk.  Another cool feature to this mouse pad I found is how comfortable it is when i rest my hand on it.  I have gone through few mouse pads that would feel rough on the hand after using it for couple hours, but fortunately with this one I haven't had a single complaint, I like it that much!  As for the cloth surface resting on top of the rubber, it provides a very smooth glide for mice regardless of which surface I put it on.  Lastly, you can roll up the mouse pad for easy transportation, once it is straighten out, it does not attempts to returned to the rolled form, which makes it quite portable! 
For its low price and high quality, this mouse pad is definitely worth a buy!
Say hello to another amazing headset produced by Steelseries, I present to you the Siberia V2 Heat Orange gaming headset!  This headset has a USB plugin as opposed to the standard split mic/speaker plugs.  The initial cord that is attached to the headset is fairly short, which prevents cord tangling when playing games on your laptop.  For the desktop users who keep their desktops at somewhat of a distance, there is an extension cord included in the package that will allow you to be further away from your computer and still be able to use the headset to its fullest.
The headset feels fairly comfortable on my head, there is a tight grip on my head which prevents it from slipping even if I purposely jerk my head in a certain direction, but not tight enough to hurt my head even after wearing for lengthy periods of time.  Having worn a different shaped headset for many months, this was a very big change to me.  My biggest fear would be how well it would fit if I were to put glasses on, and to my surprise it fit really well.  The speakers were not pressing the frames on to my temple which is the usual case with headsets, I tried wearing the headset with glasses on for extended period of time and for me it felt the same as if I were not wearing them.  So in terms of comfort I think that Steelseries did a really good job with this headset.
As important as comfort is, how good the quality of the sound is, how well the microphone functions with the applications that I use, and how good the quality of the sound is that the microphone captures are just as important.  To test the sound quality and the microphone quality I thought, "Where better than with my vVv Gaming Friends on our official mumble server!"  I plugged in the headset, installed required drivers automatically, and ran mumble.  Within 20 seconds I was talking to my Guild Wars 2 buddies and was told immediately that my sound quality was really good.  What is more is that the AC that I normally have in the background running was not picked up by the microphone.  To my amazement they could only hear my voice clearly speaking in to the microphone!  In turn I could hear all of them without any problems, the voice came clear and precise of the headset.  Even though this was a great experience I wasn't satisfied yet, I wanted to test this how well it would work when watching movies or listening to music.  My biggest concern was that, like my previous headset, the equalizer would not work properly and would play some songs louder and some songs quieter.  It turned out that every songs was being played at the proper level, I didn't have to adjust my volume to hear a song!
Next on to do list for me was to test how well it recorded.  I turned on the trusty windows sound recorder and to my surprise it did not detect the microphone.  At first I thought it was bad drivers, so I installed everything that was recommended by Steelseries and I still had no success.  I've done a lot of research to try and figure out the problem, but to no avail.  Then I discovered that the headset is not being detected at all by Windows, which was very strange because it was still working properly with mumble!  So after doing more digging around in the mumble application I noticed a setting called "Exclusive" was checked.  After deselecting that option, I restarted my computer and to my amazement the headset was working without a hitch even with mumble running.  The reason I am mentioning this is because this solution was not posted on any forum I have been on and I have spent a few days trying to figure this out.  The fault was not on the headset, the fault was on Mumble, the exclusive mode apparently hogs the microphone to itself and denies its access to other applications, so for those having this similar issue, now you know the answer!  After solving this problem I went back to testing the recording of the headset and what I heard I liked.  The sound was clear, the background noise was next to non-existent.  I have to say, great job Steelseries!
In conclusion this headset is well worth buying.  It is portable, it is comfortable and it has great quality!  I would recommend this headset to anyone looking to buy themselves a new gaming headset for all types of games.
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Great review. 

Steelseries makes some really good stuff. I've being using the Siberia v2 for a couple of years, going though one set each year, but i'd gladly buy another when my current one wears down.

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