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Nemesis League

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After 3 rounds with a Scion, I decided to try something else.
Currently working on a Ranger, using Rain of Arrow and Frenzy.

Ranger's are very mana intensive and my overall performance was much less impressive then a Scion at the same level while leveling. 
This game is very gear dependant and it really shows through on this character, however now that I've started to upgrade some gear my dps has increased and my performance is now shaping up. Still under powered at the moment but by the time I hit 72-74 I hope to be ready and strong for maps.

Until then, docks.

Freyjaborn Level 66 - DEAD
Deathbydysnc Level 58 - DEAD
Scionnumberthree Level 70 - DEAD

RangerRodney Level 67 - ALIVE

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Round two, dead.. 
Scion at 58 died to desync on Cruel Dominus.

Started my third Scion over the weekend and I'm currently level 63 and I don't plan on dying!!! :P 

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