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Possible Topblockgaming Tournament - London (Suggestions Please)

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Hey guys 

I know this will be a big leap of faith on this one, but im looking into opening up a tournament for next year in London. This will sot me a lot of money and time organising this but im wanting to do it big and get some professional teams down here for a cash prize win.

The Event will be for League of Legends and i will be hiring out a venue for the fans and gamers to play and watch in, there will also be a livestream for the people that can not make it to the event. We have just been processing what will happen at this event so we do not have much information to give out at this time. 

I was just wondering, who would be down for coming to such an event?

I hope to get teams like Fanatic, EG and TSM, Cloud 9 ect down to this event, if i can get the right funders and sponsors i can make this happen. 

If i can get funders ect, the money will not be a problem so hopefully we can go ahead. 


Suggestions please!

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