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Things to do in Dallas!

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So i am currently researching what there is fun to do in Dallas for those of you/us that will be ariving early or leaving late! i'll post some things and update it often! But if you guys know anything i don't post please feel free to post!

Taking Back Sunday Concert Thursday Night!!!!


JFK Memorial


JFK museum


10 Best things to do in Dallas:


31 things to do in Dallas:


2 Feet Jenga?!?!?!?!? OMG Jenga tournament!?!


And it's a bar and grill as well! #winning


Dallas Aquarium:


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Hey guys. I'm from Dallas, and I just wanted to plug this AWESOME cheese shop called Scardello's.

I don't know if you like cheese, but they have awesome artisan cheeses there including some really cool variations of gouda (my favorite). The people working there are really nice and patient, let you try a lot and will make recommendations if you aren't a cheesehead.

I know it's pretty off-the-wall but I really enjoy cheese and this place.

Catch a movie at the Angelika theater if you're close by Mockingbird station as well.

Quick edit: I'm under 21 so my recommendations are obviously pretty lame. Can't help for the barcraft goers. Sorry :\

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