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How to connect to our mumble

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Setting Up and Joining vVv Gaming’s Mumble

Download Mumble: SourceForge.Net

Our Mumble Information

Servername: MBL1.GameServers.Com

Port: 10101

How to Connect:

After Opening the Mumble client, click on “Server”, then “Connect”. A window on your mumble client will open where you will connect to our server.


A window similar to this one will open. You will begin by clicking “Add New...”. Another window will open where you will input our server information.


Input our server information:

Label: vVv Gaming

Address: MBL1.GameServers.Com

Port: 10101

You may use any name that does not include any spaces or names already in use.

Finish by Clicking “OK” and then “Connect” while “vVv Gaming” is highlighted in your Servername Favorites list.


For more information on how to configure and personalize your mumble, look below.

Configuring Mumble:

The easiest way to configure your mumble is by using the audio configuration. You can reach the Audio Configuration by first clicking on Configure, then Audio Wizard


An Introduction window will appear,


After clicking “Next”, a new window titled “Device Selection” will now appear. For your input device, use “Default Device” for your device, unless you know you use something different. For your output device, use the same ruling as your input device. Enable positional audio and if you want applications’ sound to lower when someone is talking in mumble, also enable “Attenuate applications while other users talk”.


When clicking next, a new window and a voice will appear. Adjust the slider on this page so the voice does not crack or jitter. You should be able to have it set to 10ms with no problems.


After clicking Next, you will see a bar, consisting of blue, Green and Red. As the instructions say, adjust the bar so when you are silent, it does not go into the green area


Here, you need to use Push to Talk, with whatever button you do not commonly use as your Push to Talk key. You will need to push this key to communicate. Common keys are ALT, CTRL, and mouse side buttons.


After clicking Next, Quality settings will appear. Depending on your Bandwidth, choose the best option that will suit you while using mumble. For Notifications, disable them for now.


Since you should be using headphones while on mumble, check “Use Headphones” and click next.

That is it! Hi finish and your mumble should be working in good shape!


Mumble User Interface(Make it look better):

Again, go to Configure, but then “Settings”. You will see a window appear. Start by clicking the “Advanced” tab in the lower left hand corner of the new configuration window and then “Apply”. You should see new options open on the right side of your screen.

By copying these settings, clicking “OK”, then restarting your mumble client, Users in the mumble channel will appear below the channel they are in. This makes it easier to identify which users are in which channels.


In-Game Overlays (How to Remove):

Many people do not like the overlays mumble defaults to you in-game. To remove these:

Simply go to the “Overlay” tab, then uncheck “Enable Overlay”


If you have any questions on setting up mumble, or you have problems connecting, you can PM any vVv Staff member.

Edited by vVv Spike

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