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SteelSeries Sensei: MLG Edition Product Review

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Oh hello there! vVv Rinzler here bringing you another SteelSeries product review, this time covering the now official mouse of MLG, the SteelSeries Sensei MLG edition. The box tells no lies.


In contrast with the RAW, the Steel Series MLG Sensei has brought back the original Sensei's on board LCD configuration and CPU, as well as upping the potential sensitivity to a completely ridiculous, but Steel Series approved 16400 DCPI. As you'll note, your popcorn shrimp of a mouse probably functions at around 1/3rd the speed of the the MLG Sensei. If that's not impressive then you should probably stick to chopsticks.

If you're more of a "shiny peripherals" kind of person, the newest iteration of the Sensei has you covered. The LCD configuration menu acquired from the original Sensei can be found on the bottom rear of the mouse, which is able to hold custom bitmap images corresponding to your favorite eSports teams. Advertised as the "most customizable mouse in the world", the MLG approved mouse sports 16.8 million available colors and three separate areas of customization. These zones include the rear of the mouse, the scroll wheel in the middle, and CPI sensor in the center.

If you're still not sold, I'm sure you'll enjoy the 32 bit ARM processor which happens to include an easy-to-use drag and drop interface for optimal customization. This feature will be available upon completed installation of your Sensei's driver. Did I mention that the Sensei and all of its features have been tested and abused by some of the biggest names in eSports, including DeMuslim and iNcontrol?


On top of this revamping of internals, the MLG Sensei sports a solid body metal shell, weighing in at a solid 102 grams while keeping the trademark SteelSeries button layout and ambidextrous ergonomics. Still not satisfied, you say? How's this for super secret tech: while it's not mentioned in the official product description, it's very clear from personally using this product that it takes significantly less pressure in order to generate a successful click compared to the original Sensei or Sensei RAW. We have some sneaky beavers over at SteelSeries.

Feel free to check out the link below for a full SteelSeries product listing and table of specifications for the newest addition to the SteelSeries family. As of now, this product is not yet on the market, but head on over to the aforementioned link, give Steel Series your email, and they'll notify you when your Sensei is ready to ship.

Thanks for tuning in to this vVv product review, and as always, Entertain, Educate, and Dominate.


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