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Monthly SC2 Town Hall Meetings

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The next meeting will be held Sunday, December 9th at 8PM EST ON MUMBLE

Hello everyone! I want to set up some meetings where I can sit down and chat with all interested parties, be they members of vVv's SC2 Division, applicants, or just people within the community who are interested in vVv Gaming for one reason or another. In order to accomplish this, I will be holding monthly meetings, the first Wednesday of every month (starting August 1st) at 8 PM EST.

The agenda we will cover:

- Anything happening with the SC2 team for the past month

- Anything happening with the Aspire team for the past month

- Any general news of interest (i.e. MLGs coming up, staff changes, etc.)

- And most importantly, YOUR passions! I want to know what our community members are passionate about, be it a new game, some hobby, sharing knowledge, producing content, etc. I want to know what has your attention so that I can learn how to enable the division to be the best, most productive place possible. No matter what your passion is, I'm interested in it and would like to spend time every month brainstorming ways to turn it into something mutually beneficial to yourself and vVv!

I look forward to meeting with everyone next month :)

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Yah~! Every month I get to "RaRa Gogo vVv SC2!!!" I should practice my cheers...!

But seriously, excellent idea, would help to make sure everyone in on the same page/no one is confused about what they should be doing

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