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Makuly's PvT Guide patch 1.4.3

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It seems my PvT and PvP guides have disappeared for some reason. If it was closed I was not notified, so I apologize in advance! I hope this is not spam :) A re-upload of my PvT and PvP

Protoss vs Terran


Using power of colossi to deal damage to infantry balls OR using mass gateway style with upgrades

Forcefields to trap his army, preventing kiting, and creatnig favorable positions of engagement

Nearby pylons and charge/blink upgrades for quick reinforcements

Terrans seem limited in their strategies and only go MMM or 1/1/1. Using colossi is the safer and easier way to deal

with MMM, relying on good forcefields early game. There is no harm playing safe and defensive. Usually terrans

perform multi prong attacks while macroing up, so it's important to play reactive for mid game and defending all drops

successfully with good observer spread, pylons aroudn the map and control of the watch towers.

As the game progresses, you want your army to consist of colossi and a large amount gateway units for support with upgrades

Late game you should add templars for addtional DPS (AOE > infantry). After you have this twirling deathball terrans will be unable to fight you

head on and be force to kite your deathball, making it much more micro intensive for them, and not for us, hence their

constant complaints of protoss a-moving :)

Micro tips:

-Dealing with kiting - when he kites your zealots, make sure your stalkers are kiting as well. Stalkers have faster movespeed

so while he is kiting your zealots the stalkers are dealing dps from behind

-Charge over blink in general. A chargelot is significantly stronger than a zealot. Blink stalkers first are for defensive

catching of drops as well as kiting+ chasing down won battles (however if you choose blink first if you do not

catch the drops in time it will be pointless, so you'll need really good map awareness, once those units are out of the

medivac your blink is useless)

-Zealots are tanks, sentries for guardian shield and FFs to prevent kiting, and stalkers for DPS + kill vikings

-When all your zealots have died, it's important to back out because stalkers are very fragile

-You want to fight in narrow channels as much as possible, use forcefields to trap his army and colossi' splash damage

will be amplified

-Colossi range upgrade- one of the best upgrades in the game. Get it early and always pay close attention to your coloss in battles.

Keep them a safe distance away from the infantry. Pay close attention and be quick to pull back if he focus fires them.

Additional tips:

-Making pylons around the map for 1) key scouting information and 2) reinforcing quickly to battlegrounds. with

good map vision you will be able to shut down any potential drops easily.

-Keep observers in key movement areas. Scatter 2-3.

-Vs players who love blue flame hellions, sim city your buildings in a way that the vulnerable path to the mineral line is blocked by buildings

and place 1-2 cannons.

-Always dual chrono forges. Gateway units with superior upgrades are imba vs terran infantry! Armor upgrades make zealots

live almost forever!

Game Flow:

-1Gate FE into 3gate robo with gas with decent sentry count

-Scout terran expansion. If no expansion assume he's doing 1-1-1 and play reactively/defensively. If he expands then...

-3 gate pressure or just directly tech for colossi

-Mid game now- remember to play reactively and defensively, stopping all drops and getting your ht/colossi combo

Spotting 1-1-1 plays:

-bunker in base

-Making marines only

-No poke at 5 min and you have full control of towers

The best way to stop it is to STOP PROBING. Make 3 observers, one to each of your base, anticipating banshee or hellion harass

and one to infront of his base to see when he is moving out. Chrono immortals and get up to 5/6 gateways and wait for the

inevitable all in.

*Note: group immortals seperately and focus fire tanks

Timing attacks

Listed are the most common 2base timing attacks:

-6/7 Gate all in

-Immortal bust

-Colossi timing (can be a pressure while taking third)

-Chargelot Archon timing with +2/+2

*if you're interested in learning all ins/timings let me know during coaching so i can teach you the BOs

Standard Macro game:

This is the safest and surest way to win. The goal is to reach your ht/colossi deathball. Two methods of doing this:

-Fast colossi with observer for scout, get chargelot + third, then add templars. When he gets vikings to deal with your

colossi transition quickly to templar/archon (it's important not to make too many colossi as it is easy to kill when they simply

mass vikings then your army is worthless)

-Mass gateway style with 2 forge upgrade. You rely on good forcefields for survival in the first 10 mins. After you get +1/+1

and charge you can a-move your way in most battles. Tech to colossi OR templar after and add a third base.

Late Game:

-3/3 upgrades by 15 min

-Charge/blink by 15 min

-Multiple observers on popular drop channels + on your army (cloaked ghosts). Be sure to make

plenty of observers as terran sniping obs is a common thing

-4Gateways per expansion guideline

-1 Robo per 5Gateways

-Constant tech switch from colossi and archon/templar. If he makes too many vikings- get templar, if he

gets too many ghosts- get colossi

-Pylon spread for vision + warp ins

-Cannons at expansions with 1-2 high templar for feedback/storm

-Make sure to engage near a proxy pylon. This way you can reinforce your army instantly in his face from 20 gateways

while his reinforcements are still in production

*Remember to use blink to chase down his medivacs when he is retreating so he has to keep making them!

-Speed prism for harassment/taking down expansions

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