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Makuly's PvZ Guide patch 1.4.3

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Hey vVv!

Makuly.787 on NA here. High masters/low gm protoss. I have been coaching awhile and it occurred to me to make a guide to help players reach Diamond/Masters. I cannot take entire credit as I copied the format and SOME material from The GrandMaster Manual from sc2sea.com. This is material I've gathered since 2010 and it's designed to help lower league players hit masters. It has been given to many of my students and now I share it here, with vVv! Enjoy!

Protoss vs Zerg

General tips:

-Limiting surface area- zerg units are cheap and it takes a few units to stand up to 1 protoss unit

-Zerg strength is in numbers so it's crucial to position and use forcefields

-Always wall your base!

-Do not get flanked and get caught in an open area- you will die. Walk along edges of cliffs so they can only come from one side

-Keep observers in key movement areas. Keep 2-3 scattered.

-Limit access points, as zerg units are very mobile. Block off wide areas with buildings so only there is only 1 point of entry

Game Flow:

-FFE (if you do not know the proper BO i will provide it to you specifically)

-Scout with hallucation or obs to know what to do

- Perform all in or semi- all in

-if not or it fails with even trades, take a third asap

-Scout again to see what opponent's doing (most common is tech switch into mutalisks)

-TURTLE to deathball

-Perform 3 base timing push before broodlords are morphed in OR

-Turtle until mothership comes out while taking a 4th base + getting archons for archon toilet

Timing Attacks /2Base All-Ins:

-Currently timing attacks (2base all ins) are extremely strong vs zerg. Although it may seem shameful to do it there is no harm

in abusing your race's strength. Good/perfect force fields and blink micro are required to make this work as well as selecting

good engagements.

-They are best followed through when you gain an early game advantage, the zerg doesnt expect it or doesnt scout, or zerg misreads

or does not prepare properly and over drones. The latter is the most common reason.

-Even if you micro perfectly and he reacts perfectly it is still extremely hard for zerg to stop!

These are the most common all-ins at the moment:

-7/8 gate with or without +1 zealot stalker all in (obviously 7 gate without +1 hits the earliest)

-7Gate +2 blink stalker all in

-2 Immortal 6/7gate prism all in

*If you are interested in learning all ins let me know and I will teach you privately, as everyone has specific problems.

-It's important to note these are all ins, because if the zerg stops it perfectly, you are dead

But if you do some damage and the game is even there is still hope. Though pretty much with these builds,

if you fail there is no coming back unless your opponent is bad.

-After a timing attack and the game is still even, when you take your third base you must turtle until you have 180+ food.

This is because zerg can easily max out during this period, and having a measly ~110 food protoss army you will not be able to win.

So turtle on 3base and get your deathball!

Standard Macro game:

-Open with 3/4 gates + stargate after FFE

-Do all-in OR

-2-3 void 5 pheonix harassment for pressure/ map control/ scouting/ denying creep spread

-Stop making air after max 3 voidrays and transition into colossi for macro game

NOTE: it's always important to rush +3 weapons upgrade especially when using colossi.

Colossi upgrades add +2 to its damage because their attacks are 'dual,' so upgrades end up with +4!

Always rush upgrades- you'll notice a huge difference!

It's recommended to open with stargate as it is easier to transition into mothership.

Also several bad zergs will die to some air pressure and you win right there!

Using warp prism harass:

-allows you to secure third base safely while distracting the zerg

-harassment ability provided (make sure to get speed!)



Mass cannons at expansions (incase ling runbys)

Warp prism harass

dual chrono upgrades

Blink stalkers + colossi + archons/templars + immortal + mothership (otherwise known as THE deathball)

vs Roach max -> immortal sentry blink stalker -> add colossi later

vs Mutalisks -> Blink stalkers + high templar or mass pheonix with +2 range upgrade

vs Broodlord infestor -> archon toilet, high templar for feedback on infestors

Archon toilet:

This is when you vortex broodlords/corrupters and dump archons into it. When the vortexed is finished, all the air units

stack, and as archons do splash damage, it instantly kills ALL the air army!

Things to look out for:

If he dumps banelings into the vortex, do NOT put your archons in as it will render them useless.

If he dumps a bunch of infested terrans into the vortex, the same applies

This situation is very micro intensive and there is no easy way around it.

So far this is the ONLY effective way to deal with infestor/broodlord! It is a sad truth, so that is why many protoss try to kill the zerg

with a 2base all in or 3base timing. Like SKMC said at RedBull (who is the best PvZer in the world atm imo): 2base all in, 3 base all in.

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i agree with all points made but i would like to add some other effective points of my own.

with the going a deathball and the zerg has infestor brood lords, a warp prism with zeolots or hts for storm drop is a good way to abuse the zerg for a having a slow army.

I really like going for a fast third at around the 630 7 min mark. using a stalker to deny scouting and to take map control allows u to build your third with a wall of gates and cannons without the zerg be aware. with this build u can get an economy that allows u to do a powerful push before the broodlords come out and allow for further expansions. this also allows the protoss to transition for the late game relatively quickly with such a great economy.

this build needs u to confirm a third base is being constructed by the zerg and an earlier speed timing makes executing this build more task intensive.

the 12 min roach time has to scouted earlier on so that probes can be cut and sentries and immortals can be made.

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