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Not sure about getting GW2? Check this out!

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Guild Wars 2 - Check out all this info if your not sure on buying it or not.






Dragon boss in WoW who?



World of Warcraft frightens me. With three expansions, 10 million subscribers, and the looming threat of kung fu panda warriors,it stands atop an unassailable mountain, taunting amateur MMO players with a wave of its banner. Meanwhile, Guild Wars 2already poured me a cup of tea, inviting me in with a smarter way of doing this whole MMO thing.

Guild Wars 2, from the talented developers at ArenaNet, enticed a massive crowd of gamers at this year's G-Star video game expo in Korea. Sitting among the excited throng of attendees, I played Guild Wars 2 for the first time. Though the MMO formula always appealed to me, I often find an intimidating barrier of names, places, and other complexities scare me away from prolonged commitment. But Guild Wars 2 vanquishes many of the complexities in favor of smarter player engagement. You don't need to form a guild and organize massive raids to enjoy Guild Wars 2 with other people. You just need to play. And it's easy.


Guild Wars 2 trailer

The demo featured a town besieged by some nasty centaurs -- a familiar setting for those of you who have followed Guild Wars 2's development closely. Other players in the demo, already locked in battle with the invaders, fought bravely as I stumbled through the village. An NCsoft representative playing next to me pointed at nearby centaurs and mentioned that I could help defeat them without taking away from the other players' experience.

You mean I don't have to party up with people to cooperate with them? Fantastic.

Once the players -- united in a giddy battle against an earth elemental -- repelled the siege, the village opened up into a hive of optional activities. A farmer requested my help with these sand worms ruining his crops. Villagers called for aid as bandits ravaged the innocent. The threat of a poisoned water supply rushed through the town. All these events exist outside of one individual player. I can kill those sand worms without talking to the farmer and still save his garden. Then those sand worms vanish for the time being. The event doesn't immediately reset like a traditional MMO quest.

Subtler devices further facilitate cooperation and, more importantly, invite newcomers into the mix. Any of the eight initial classes serve every traditional MMO role; you no longer need to organize a tank, healer, and damage-dealer to create a complete party. And in ferocious battles, other players can assist you on a whim without any need to formalize the cooperative element. Some special abilities even benefit others around you, imbuing them with elemental bonuses, regenerative health, and other such pleasantries.


Guild Wars 2 Screenshots

For those of you hungry for a challenge, ArenaNet recognizes your desires. The more players participating in an event, the more Guild Wars 2 automatically scales to suit the situation. Bosses gain access to special abilities to fight against overwhelming numbers, for example. Though ArenaNet wants this to be the first truly cooperative MMO, you still have plenty of harrowing fights to enjoy.

It's good to know that at least one of the many promising MMOs on the horizon keeps the Average Joe like me in mind. All I want to do is save the world, along with a few friends. Guild Wars 2 makes that very doable.

This article is based on a 30 minute play session with an incomplete build of Guild Wars 2 featured at G-Star 2011. The demo was hosted by representatives from ArenaNet and NCsoft.

Ryan Clements writes for IGN's PlayStation Team. You can follow him on Twitter and myIGN

1. Free to play.

2. Balanced PvP.

3. "When I heard that they balanced dungeons so that five Warriors, Thieves, or Elementalists could do it and have a hell of a time, I almost shed a man-tear. Almost."

4. Next Gen MMO


This is a big week for us here at ArenaNet—we’re showing off a brand new demo build of

Guild Wars 2

at G-Star, Korea’s premier game show. Since we’re constantly adding to and refining the game, this latest demo build contains some improvements over what we’ve shown publicly in the past.

Since most of our Western fans are unlikely able to attend G-Star—and may even have trouble finding Western media sources covering G-Star—we thought we would give you a blog post about the demo and some of the new and improved features that it shows off.

G-Star Demo Creation

When we found out that we had an opportunity to be featured by NCsoft at this year’s G-Star, we knew that it was an opportunity we couldn’t pass on.

The very first thing we had to consider was that the demo would need to be in Korean. This meant adding Korean text and voice to the game as well as overcoming some of the technical issues inherent in displaying the Korean alphabet. Due to these challenges—and the fact that Korean players haven’t had an opportunity to play the game yet—we decided to focus on preparing the human starting experience for the demo. Aiming for this narrower experience allowed us to do the translations and voice recordings that we needed for the demo—and make certain that they were done well.

We also wanted to show off our giant boss monsters, and for each demo to end with an exciting encounter. Because of this, the demo also includes the boss fights against Tequatl the Sunless (seen below), the Shadow Behemoth, and the Shatterer. When they reach the last ten minutes of the demo, players are prompted with a “special demo opportunity” and can go fight one of these three boss monsters.


That’s a brief breakdown of how the demo is structured, but there are a lot of new and improved features in the demo as well.

The very first thing you’ll notice is that we’ve changed some things about character creation and customization. I’ll let Character Artist Team Lead Aaron Coberly tell you about that.

Eric Flannum

Character Creation and Customization

With Guild Wars 2, we are giving our players many different ways to customize their characters, and we’ve revamped a number of the systems involved: armor dye, hair style and color, skin color, and face style. We’ve also added a physique or body-type feature and a face-customization system. With face customization, we will give players the ability to change the size and shape of major facial features: eyes, nose, mouth, chin, and jaw. With all of our customization options, every player will be able to differentiate themselves from the crowd.

Check out the video below for a closer look at the customization options that will be available in Guild Wars 2. This video just scratches the surface of the range of character customization in the game.

But the updated character customization isn’t the only improvement we’ve made in the G-Star demo build. I’ll let Lead UI Artist Vicki Ebberts fill you in on the updated user interface players at G-Star will be experiencing.

Aaron Coberly

UI Improvements

Something new that we’re excited to show at G-Star is what we are internally calling our “Big Beefy” UI.

As we progressed further with UI development, we discovered that we really needed more room to effectively display important information, so we came up with a system that allowed for bigger UI elements. A great example of this is in our new Hero panel, which is now a bit larger than it was before.


Preparing for the demo was also a great opportunity for the UI team to go in and refine a few things that help new players learn how to play our game. For example, we updated our hints to stand out from the background a bit more and we added an animated “New Mail” alert that pops on-screen to help guide players when story-related messages land in their inbox.


Vicki Ebberts

Learning New Skills

When we first started showing the game, skills were acquired by speaking to a trainer and purchasing them. This method followed a fairly standard MMO convention, and while there isn’t anything inherently terrible about it, we felt that we could come up with something better for Guild Wars 2. We wanted a system that would better teach how our skills worked and bring back the skill collection aspect that was very much a part of the original Guild Wars. With that in mind, we started to “…killing enemies with a weapon unlocks the skills for that weapon.”our skill-acquisition system.

The first step for us was recognizing that we have two very different types of skills in the game. First, we have weapon skills, which are tied to a specific category of weapon and based on the profession of the character. Then we have the healing, utility, and elite skills, which make up the right side of the skill bar. These skills are all slotted by the player and can be based either on profession or race.

For weapon skills, like the ones you see below, we wanted to teach that they were tied to the weapon being used. Because of this, we have gone to a method in which killing enemies with a weapon unlocks the skills for that weapon. This also helps teach how the weapon works since the player unlocks the skills in a particular order and learns to incorporate the new skills into their play style. The one thing that we knew we didn’t want to do is to make it feel like a grind—which is always a danger with a system like this. The skills unlock quickly, and once unlocked, they become more powerful as the player levels. At its core, this system is designed to teach the skills and not make the player feel like they are grinding.

<a href="

http://www.arena.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/HeroWeaponSkills.jpg" rel="lightbox" style="color: rgb(0, 113, 188); " target="_blank">HeroWeaponSkills-600x465.jpg

The healing, utility, and elite skills (seen below) are now unlocked with skill points. Each skill may cost a variable number of skill points to unlock, but once the player is able to slot a particular type of skill, they may unlock the skills in any order that they choose. For example, if I unlocked my elite skill slot as a norn warrior, I may choose to spend my skill points to unlock Norn Bear Form (a norn racial elite skill) or Rampage (a warrior elite skill).

Skill points can be acquired by undertaking what we call a skill challenge. There are 200 skill challenges in the game, and they range from defeating tough opponents, to answering riddles, to drinking a particularly potent drink.


Some of our players may recognize “skill challenges” as being similar to a system we spoke about a while back called “profession challenges.” These two systems are one and the same. In the past, profession challenges were specific to a particular profession and were used to acquire traits. In playing these challenges, we found that they tended to split up people who were trying to play together. One player would want to go to one spot on the map to find their profession challenge, while their friend would want to go somewhere else to find a different profession challenge. Because this had an adverse affect on players being able to play together, we decided that it was better suited to skill acquisition than something as profession specific as traits.

This, of course, meant that we needed a new way to acquire traits, and since we were in the middle of revamping our trait system, it felt like a good time to make the change. We’ll talk about our new trait system in an upcoming blog post, so until then, I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about the G-Star demo and all of the exciting new things going into the game.

Stay tuned, because tomorrow cinematics artist Chuck Jackman is going to show off the improved cinematic conversation cut scenes that we’ve included in the G-Star demo. We’ll see you then!

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I hope guild wars 2 comes out after April 19th.... Thats my last day of college for the semester. If its before....

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More info!!!!

Leveling won't be a grindfest or find me 5 flowers.


No open world PvP in GW2. There will be Server vs Server vs Server open world PvP for 2 weeks at a time.

There will also be "Arena" typed PvP but everyone will be the same level, Items, and skills ^_^


Dungeons in GW2!!


So I heard you like to craft?


Combat in GW2 ^_^

owait, I have to actually move and use more then one spell and don't have auto attack? QQ

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Nothing can or will stop me from getting this game :) Absolutely loved GW1 especially GvG!!

This will be the ONLY game I will play for a long time once it is release!!

Same!!! This game is going to be AMAZING. ^_^

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Words cannot describe how excited I am for this game... I can't wait.. really wish I could get into the Beta whenever that is.

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More info about GW2:

"We recently finished our first closed beta test, and we’re now ready to hold progressively larger events. In February we’ll invite select press to participate in beta testing, and in March and April we’ll aggressively ramp up the size of our beta test events so that many of you will have a chance to participate. And of course, this all leads to the release of Guild Wars 2 later this year."

- Mike O’Brien : ArenaNet Founder and President


Full list of Professions or "Classes"

Each Profession has 5 videos showing some of their skills so you can get a better understanding of the class and what they do.


Full list of races you may play as.


Tired of doing the same quest over & over & over again?

Check out how GW2 is going to be doing their "quests"


Want more details about PvP? -THERE IS NO "OPEN WORLD" PvP- ... but have no fear. read on!!


Still have questions? Check out their FAQ list!

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Saw this:

3. "When I heard that they balanced dungeons so that five Warriors, Thieves, or Elementalists could do it and have a hell of a time, I almost shed a man-tear. Almost."

and almost wet myself in class :D :D made my mind up on that statement alone!!!!!

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