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vVv michs09 Reviews New "FootballFreeks" by KontrolFreeks!

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The following is a review by vVv michs09 for FootballFreeks by KontrolFreeks.

I first got this product a couple weeks ago and started using the “FootballFreeks” right away when I returned from an event in Brazil. I was frustrated after a few games because I wasn't used to the sticks being elevated, and after years of playing a certain way, it wasn’t that easy to adjust right off. But after a solid 1.5 to 2 hours of playing and roughly 6-10 games, I started catching on and showing glimpses of improvement. I’ve been using them now for around a week and think they work great, and I’m not sure why but they do feel more precise, especially on the PS3. I’ve always felt that the analog sticks on the Playstation were really sensitive and the FootballFreeks helped me balance that out a bit.



- Inexpensive (9.99$)

- Easy to attach

- Competitive advantage


- May wear down your analog

- Not sure if I would be able to use this in tournaments, even though KontrolFreek claims that their product is compatible with competitive gaming. Some events I’ve been to are quite strict in terms of controllers.

Here is my video review of the FootballFreeks, which includes some solid FIFA goals while using them.

- vVv michs09

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nice vid, ill have to look into them

Thanks, just remember it will take quite a bit of time to get used to them..

I'm guessing even more so with shooters -- I would compare the learning curve to buying a new mouse that's significantly different from your previous product and your a CS player

Also to anyone viewing this topic, I have a new blog featuring a win at Local LAN in Houston from this past weekend

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Yea I don't think I could ever adjust myself to use these types of products on my sticks... Im very comfortable with the xbox sticks now.. and don't think i'd ever change em.

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