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Starcraft 2 Themed Restaurant

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The question is: If we could open a Starcraft themed Restaurant what would be on the menu?

All unit, player, map, and race themed ideas are welcomed and appreciated!

We'll collect all the ideas, nominate them, and make a menu from the best ideas.

Have fun and be creative!

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Siege Cakes - 3 stacked pancakes with chocolate chip "mortars" and cinnamon drizzle with a cinnamon stick "launcher"

Sizzle 'n' Stalk - Chicken stir fry with vegetables and grilled "stalker legs" shrimp

Grilled Hatchery - Grilled cheese filled with bacon served with a "proxy" soup of your choice

Some random ideas

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Yamato soup - "Some say Yum-ay-to, some say yum-aw-to"

Medivac salad - A blend of terran ingredients on a bed of purple arugula "creep" with a "healthful" dressing dropped right onto your plate

Zealot fries - regular french fries sliced ultra-thin by our highly-trained zealot chefs

Bronze league omelete - want to know what happens to all those cancelled eggs in bronze league? Well they don't go to waste, instead they go into this delicious omelet.

Possible mottos:

"First we order food, then we defense it"

"You'll eat so much you'll be fast expanding in no time!"

"You'll come for the onion rings, but you'll stay for the swarm!"

"Happy hour starts at 2:30: beat the rush!"

"We warped in a mothership in the kitchen, so all our food is cloaked to order!"

"Archon toilets for patrons only!"

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Zergling BBQ.

Baneling Bombs for shots.

Antiga Shipyard Seafood Platter

Metalopolis Martinis

6 Pool Soup- Split Pea soup served in a dish resembling a spawning pool

Someone made a few Starcraft themed drinks a while back: http://www.thedrunke...rcraft_2/chrono

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Well I got a few ideas:

Queen of Blades potato skins - Your typical potato skins with bacon,cheese, sour cream, chives but with a lot of spice!

Hyperion Burger - A grade A Alberta beef burger made and dressed to your liking. Peameal bacon on the burger is a popular option

Vespane Gas Cola - A light green cola in the vain of blue pepsi

Firebat Wings - We have gotten combined the sweetness of southern bbq sauce with a kick from south of the border. These two flavours have to come together to sweetly burn the crap out of your mouth! The wings are grilled and then lathered with the sauce and then baked.

I dream of Aiur cheesecake - A blueberry cheesecake drizzled with a blueberry jelly sauce

Xel'Naga Gumbo - A great chicken and sausage gumbo served over a bed of cajun rice. Zergling prawns are an option on the side.

Jim Raynor Special - Take every hard liqour in the bar and mix it in a giant jug. Serve on the rocks and with a side of regret and character development.


"When you require more resources, we are here to fill ya up"

" *restaurant name* Where even your most trusted allies and hated foes come to share a drink"

" *restaurant name* We have been infestation free for 3 days"

"When hotpockets aren't enough, you'll know where to find us"

"Zergs are foaming at the mouth just to try our staff....Wait stuff we mean stuff!"

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I have always wanted to do a barcraft event, except non of my buddies can hold their liquor to well. Thank god for my Ukrainian genetics! I am able to enjoy all the finer drinks in life.

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lol i know eh...clubs in montreal are expensive

Price wise though....Nothing will ever be more expensive the Niagara Falls... I went there to celebrate Halloween and good lord the prices of drinks were disgusting...

Anywho back to the food ideas!

I got an idea for bundle deals, all items can be found in the thread (2 can dine for one,etc)

"Fresh from the Barracks"

The deal comes a pint of beer in a tall blue stein, the firebat wings and Hyperion burger!

"Glory to the Overmind!"

The deal comes with a Baneling Bust, the Queen of Blades potato skins and the Grilled Hatchery

"My life for Auir!"

The deal comes with a Vespane Gas Soda and vodka, Xel'Naga Gumbo and I dream of Aiur Cheesecake

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