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steelseries MousePads

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4HD Gaming Surface

Mr Jones's Review

This mouse pad surface is the best I've ever used. Combined with the XAI, it's an absolute wonder. There is no "Apply these to the bottom and your mouse pad won't move" things. Just plop it down and your good to go.


Absolutely no setup.

Will optimize any mouse for gaming with it's "smooth as a baby's bottom" surface.



A tad on the big side


If you are a PC gamer, buy it. Bottom line, you won't find a better mouse pad surface out there, unless it's from Steel Series

steelseries SX

vVv ibgeekn4me's Review

Hello folks. I just got my Steelseries SX mousepad in the mail! In the past, i have used an everglide mousepad or just my desk, and the SX, depicted below offers some great improvements.

As a Starcraft player, mouse accuracy is extremely important. So is being able to make large movements across the screen, and small precise movements with the mouse. The SX's size while large, at 12.6" X 10.63", is not oversized, and offers plenty of real estate for any movements I need. Additionally, it is important that a mousepad be thin, and one of the reasons I ditched my previous everglide mousepad was it was almost a centimeter tall. The SX is only 2mm thick, and is almost as if it isn't even there on the desk except for the amazing feel it has.

By using aluminum construction and some other fanciness, the SX manages to allow a full range of rapid motion and precise moves required for any game, while remaining light and reasonably sized. Further, I can now make any move accurately and confidently instead of hoping I do not misclick and send my units off into space, while my mouse lags three eternities behind my brain.

Finally, the back of the SX features a rubber surface to allow the SX to grip to any surface so that your mouse and pad stay put and not slip on the desk.

While yes, the SX is expensive, it is well worth the cost and a huge upgrade for all gamers.

The SX is the perfect pad, the cost being the only downside, earning a 9.5/10, and is an excellent part of the Steelseries lineup.

Steelseries QcK Mass Mousepad

Jerkstore's Review


Mousepads are a personal choice; everyone has different preferences. Here is my criteria:

- I play on high sensitivities, so I need a bit more friction than hard surfaces offer. Cloth is the best choice for me.

- I move my mouse very quickly, so the mousepad cannot move or shift around. Needs a rubber bottom and a decent weight.

- Because of the high sensitivity, there can't be any surface imperfections. Every single movement, no matter how small must be registered.

- I have a smaller desk space so it can't be gigantic

The QcK Mass fits all of my needs. It has a rugged but smooth cloth surface that gives me the perfect amount of friction. The mousepad is much heavier than my last pad and has a huge rubber base, so it will never shift around. The surface has no designs and a consistent cloth weaving, so there is no chance of skipping or stuttering. And it fits my desk perfectly.

Only thing to note is that the cloth pads are rolled up in their packaging, and need to be flattened out overnight with some heavy books to ensure it stays completely flat. But that's no problem.

Steelseries has a huge line of mousepads, so make sure you get the one that fits your needs.

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I just got the QcK myself, and I love it so far. It was exactly what I needed for the type of desk I have. Being that it's thick, it made up for the small lip I have raised at the end of my desk. Couldn't be happier, and it's thanks to Nimbus and Grego for pointing me towards it!

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