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TeamViewer - Que up before you get home!

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If you are like me, at work till the evening and when you get home you are stuck in a Briarcliff que of around 500+ Which could mean 1 hour to 2 hours or more!

TeamViewer is a quick solution that you can use to que up from your work computer or a cell phone.

Before using this at work please make sure you let your supervisor or boss know since it's intended for non-commercial use only. You wouldn't want someone getting remote access to your work computer.

So I am using the program from my iphone 4.

TeamViewer can be used on iphone, ipad and android.

What to do.

At home on the computer where you play Rift, install team viewer and keep the ID and Password.

**REMEMBER** The program changes the ID and password each time so before you leave for work, open team viewer to the login screen, right down the ID and Password and leave it on.

next install the program on your phone or other computer that you'd want to que up from.

Now that you have teamviewer on your pc and your phone(or whatever secondary device you use)

Enter the ID and Password that session gave you before leavin

DONE.. now just open rift, que up and BAM, simple solution.

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Why can I not find TeamViewer in my app marketplace... :(

Nevermind..I got it under control now. Siiiiick app.

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