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vVv LordJerith

One Week Into Playing

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I am pleased to state that we are doing quite well. Here is a snapshot of where vVv Gaming's Guild is right now:

  • 350+ members
  • Level 4 Guild
  • Average 40-50 people on Mumble during peak periods.
  • First 50 on server
  • 3 level 50
  • 20+ level 40-49
  • Numerous server firsts

What is next?

  1. We need to get everyone on Mumble by Sunday. For those who refuse to get on Mumble, we will have 1 officer speak to them privately in game. If they are unable to convince them, we will handle it on a case by case basis (with most likely being kicked). The reason for this push is that someone pretending to be me on an alt has been messaging people saying "I'm too lazy to get on my main to boot you, please leave." We need to ensure we are engaging our memebrs. Mumble is the key to increasing guildmates engagement.
  2. Leveling the guild should be the #1 priority. I grabbed 4 40s and ran DSM 3 times and completed the quest. Take control and always drive our guild quests to completion.
  3. Leveling yourself to 50 should be the second priority
  4. Leveling gathering/crafting is next
  5. Warfronts and Open World Rift/PvP groups need to be in full force starting Friday

Please respond that you have read this with the following information:

In this thread please reply with your in-game names, mumble name. For example:

Main: Jerith (Cleric)

Alts: LordJerith and Jerrek (No class decided, Just holding)

Mumble Name: vVv_LordJerith

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Main: Celesti (Cleric)

Alts: Alessi (Rogue - Faemist Server)

Mumble Name: vVv_Celesti

**I haven't had much time to play but now that classes have calmed down I'll be able to play more this weekend and play catch up.**

Edited by vVv Celesti

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Main: Deci (Rogue)

Alts: Decimator (Warrior) Dec (Cleric) ** probably will be a while before I play these guys **

Mumble Name: Deci

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Wow guild is looking really good..Nice work everyone.

..I may have to go get Rift now.. :sweat:

This keeps up I may have to breakdown and buy rift.

By all indications, it's only going to get bigger and better, so you might as well join up now.

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Main: Lysogen (Cleric, healer)

Alts: Lysegon (Rogue, ranger)

Mumble Name: Lysogen (Sex machine, cutie)

Edited by Lysogen

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